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No Brainer ONE time $45 Marketing Consult {Limited Special}

Over 80% of DDMS' past & current clients see results or transformation within a few days, weeks, or less than 6 months. When our clients implement, invest, & trust the process we can assure time won't be wasted. Within 45 minutes you'll receive marketing advice from a marketing expert and walk away with value and a small, simple, and easy plan to implement. If you are looking for a solution to make more money and save more time incorporating marketing this call is for you. This service is valued at $500 per hour consider how much you can make learning more about marketing your business the right way. No refunds or disputes allowed. You are allowed 1 no brainer call.

$45 · 45 minutes

Marketing "Fit Call" Consultation

You are either here to scale your business or you are ready to increase sales and start attracting your ideal buyers. Well, you have come to the right place there will be a business evaluation or intake form for you to fill out so we can make the best use of our virtual video or telephone call. This call is to see if we are a fit. Unfortunately at this time we are not doing free consultations your time is valuable and so is mine. I believe that we cherish what we pay and sacrifice for-- you will thank me in the end. No Refunds & No disputes! After 2 No shows you won’t be able to reschedule & grace period granted is (late policy) up to 10 minutes after that you must re-schedule.

$40 · 30 minutes

Marketing ExSELLerator 2.0 Consulting Program 48 hr Flash Sale

For 60 days you’ll get to work with a marketing expert on: Free 30 minute consult included first 5-7 women BIG PROMISE: your business will be transformed and or you’ll see results in 60 days or less! You’ll learn how to make more money and impact your buyers! Your value margin will increase after this program meaning the right buyers will pay you this will increase your price and sales margin. Gaining clarity- chaos and confusion will have you stuck, not moving, feeling unfulfilled, or not making the money & impact you should... You will gain clarity around your 2020 vision, alignment, and create a 60 day profit plan around it. Gain clarity around your marketing message. Value at: $1,500+ Product/ service evaluation- we’ll evaluate your product or service and offer to make sure it’s profitable, speaks to the right audience, and test the market. It’s important to supply what’s in demand to your ideal audience. Value at $1,500+ 30 Day Strategic Content Planning- myself & team will work with you on creating an effective 30-day content plan and calendar. This content you’ll be able to cross-promote on all of your platforms. We will also focus on your social media strategy. Value at: $1,000+ Email List Building- building your email list is crucial because you don’t own your followers or subscribers. You need an email nurturing system to turn your prospects into buyers. Here we will touch on the basics of email marketing and creating compelling messages. You get direct access to work with your marketing consultant in a small virtual group setting. -group support & access -2 consulting calls per month (4 sessions) Value: $2,500+ -hot seat coaching -masterminding during this intensive program Investment: $399 for the next 48 hours This program will never be this low again! Don’t wait for Black Friday, because this offer will double or triple if available.

$399 · 30 minutes

ONE-time (ONLY) Marketing 1:1 Strategy Session

You have a challenge you want to solve it maybe clarity around your business, marketing, and sales message or the lack of confidence to launch your products or services. Your sales are low, not gaining followers on social media, and or unsure of how to create content that converts or how to leverage the audience you have. Bring a challenge to this call and let's solve a pressing marketing or sales challenge to increase your sales now. No refunds.

$300 · 1 hour

Targeting Buyers: Profit Plan Session

Get a digital product sales page or lead magnet in demand that leads to passive income with the opportunity to up-sell them into your high ticket signature offers. 1. We will evaluate your current audience and buyers if you have any to determine who to target. 2. We will evaluate one of your lowest (C-List) signature offers or product during THIS session to create a quick cash flow around it for the next 30 days. 3. We will then create a digital product for sale to your ideal audience. I will assist with the copy (writing). Be advised if you already have a "back pocket" offer and it seems good enough to sell I will tweak it. 4. Define a price based off value and your audience making sure the price point will get them in the door and on your email list. 5. We will create a sense of urgency around your messaging and then you sell. SIMPLE. I will tell you what to do, how to do it, and WHY you need to do it so that there is clarity. Must follow instructions! Valued over $2k NO refunds. NO disputes.

$400 · 1 hour 15 minutes

Marketing 1:1 Intensive

Please Read 1:1 hands on online strategy session with me your marketing expert. We will focus specifically on ONE pressing marketing issue you’re having in your business. We will identify & develop a strategic marketing profit plan for the next 30-45 days to ExSELLerate your business & increase sales. This is a 1x pay as you grow session you can buy as many sessions as you’d like. 2 hour conference call & (1)- 30 minute email pass. Regular Price: 1,000 currently on sale see investment amount below. No refunds or disputes allowed.

$949 · 2 hours 30 minutes

GET BUYERS 1:1 Intensive 8 Weeks Consulting {2 payment installments}

1 hr per week 1:1 intensive for established business owners We will 1. Identify & discover your target audience 2. Create targeted content & copywriting that speaks to your ideal buyers & makes them take action (marketing message) 3. Find or locate your target audience & buyers 4. Sell to your target ideal audience (on & offline sales pitch/ presentation). The cost is $2,100 you will be invoiced the remaining 30 days after 1st installment. No Refunds. No Disputes.

$1,100 · 1 hour 15 minutes


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