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Spa Hands & Feet Treatments

Indulge your Feet or Hands and nails with a soak, exfoliation, an amazing massage buff, file and Vinylux Gel Quick Dry Polish no UV light necessary. Gentle on your nails. All implements are once use only and metals are steralised.

2 Options

Body Treatments

Relax and Revive your body and mind with a massage or body scrub. Indulge your senses and escape

6 Options

Eyelash Tint, Eyebrow Wax and Tint

6 Options

IPL Hair Removal

Intense Pulsed Light quick, permanent and painless hair removal.

10 Options

Meder Beauty Science Facial Therapy

Professional skincare created by dermatologist Dr. Tiina Meder to treat redness, sensitivity, dry skin, acne, expression lines, face puffiness and age-related skin changes. Prebiotics, probiotics, biotechnological peptides, epigenetic ingredients, and organic plant extracts combined with dermatological expertise deliver visible results even for severe skin problems. Includes Light Therapy

6 Options

IPL - Facial Rejuvenation

IPL rejuvenation work wonders for reducing the signs of aging, blemishes and damage to your face's skin. And the rumours are all true! During each non-invasive facial, intense pulsed light (IPL) penetrates into the skin, boosting collagen levels and banishing imperfections, while constricting blood vessels to reduce redness and signs of age.

7 Options

Waxing Hair Removal

14 Options

Pamper Package

Facial includes exfoliation, hydration and massage, 15min Back Massage Mini Pedicure - soak, scrub, buff and file

$149 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Ad on Meder Mask

39.00 $39 · 30 minutes

Peel n Plump

99.00 $99 · 30 minutes

Design Your Own Facial

Choose your favourite or necessary treatments and package your own special Facial Therapy these are add on prices only not available as single treatment

13 Options

Retail / consultation

Make a time to Pop in to purchase products this ensures we are available to serve you.

2 Options

Pain Management Therapy

Scenar Magnetic Therapy combined with Low Level Laser Therapy customised to each individual client

$80 · 1 hour

Facial Treatments

Deep Super Cleanse with Microdermabrasion Rehydration Infusion with Tightening & Firming Current Laser Therapy Rejuvenation

10 Options

Skin Needling & Collagen Induction Therapy

Skin Needling is collagen producing great for scarring, rejuvenation, pigmentation, open pores. The skin produces natural collagen improve texture and quality of the skin. The skin needs to be prepped and in good condition prior to treatment. Post treatment healing skincare is required.

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