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Fast Shui EMAIL consultation

*PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE BOOKING* My signature service delivered straight to your inbox to help you save time and money. In this service you send me your floor plan via email, I will share with you what I see and send you solutions straight to your inbox. *PLEASE NOTE this service is provided entirely via email. The only way our system allows us to accept online appointments with payment is to book a time slot, but your service is done on a "first-come, first-serve basis" AND NOT A SPECIFIC TIME. As soon as we have all the details your Shui consultation begins.

$197 · 50 minutes

Fast Shui 50 min ZOOM Consultation

If you're experiencing issues of any kind I guarantee you it's in your floor plan. Health issues, relationship issues, career concerns, financial difficulty, and more, can all be discovered in your Feng Shui. Your floor plan reveals everything I need to know to help heal your life. This is a virtual ZOOM appointment with Amanda going over your plan with you. *Once payment is received instructions, link and password will be provided. Hot damn, let's do this!

$497 · 50 minutes

ZOOM Virtual Design Consultation

What you get: Professional evaluation of your space Discussion of your home’s design potential and big ideas for the overall look Tips and ideas on how how to improve your space Recommendations on where to shop and find decor Recording emailed after the appointment.

$297 · 55 minutes

Remote Land Healing Online Consultation

Land holds energy residue that affects your life. It has seen everything from war, trauma, and grief to joy, love and harvest. In addition to energy residue left over from humans, it also holds Feng Shui secrets. Streams, trees, roads and mountains give us clues to the energy frequency your land resinates to, and these clues help us understand why certain things are showing up in your life. By evaluating the topography, shape and energy of the land I can heal and restore it back to balance. *Service is up to 3 acres, contact us for a custom quote for larger parcels. Once payment is received instructions, link and password will be provided. Are you ready? Hell yeah! Let's do this!

$249 · 50 minutes


Amanda Gates