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New Puppy Training & Socialization, Dog Manners Training, The Family Dog Program, Dog/Child Safety Presentations & New Baby Preparations.
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Our Services

In-Person Initial Consultation
In this initial session, which will run approximately 90 mins long, a trainer will come to your home and sit down with you and your family. During the first part of the Initial Consultation, we go in-depth about your case to make sure we fully understand the needs of you and your pet. After that, we will discuss management, and work hands-on with you and your dog (or other pet) so you can see how the particular techniques work and how your dog responds to them. This will give you a jump start on some of the behaviors you are having the most problems with.
Online Initial Consultation
Just like Private Training but held online over the internet via Zoom or a similar Video Streaming progrogram

Our Staff

Amanda J. McKitterick, KPA-CTP