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Alexis Nicole Alexander is a Hari Practitioner living in Austin TX. Hari Style of Acupuncture is a type of Japanese Meridian Therapy. The treatment focuses on abdominal and pulse diagnosis, and uses fewer, finer needles. The most important part of the treatment is done using non-insertive needle techniques with a blunt Teishin Needle. Moxibustion, Neuro-lymphatic Manipulation, Medical Qigong, and other modalities are also incorporated into treatment. Before arriving at acupuncture, Alexis worked in the field of Social Work supporting both the staff and children in a residential treatment center. She is trained in Daishi Shonihari, or Shonishin (Japanese Pediatric Acupuncture). This is a gentle and effective treatment for kids that requires no needle insertion. When not studying or treating, Alexis is usually relaxing at home with her plant, animal, and human friends.‚Äč
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