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Our Services

Balayage- Blonde
Balayage is a highlighting technique that creates a natural-looking effect that easily blends in as hair grows longer. ~multiple sessions may be required to achieve a pale blonde. Does not include blow dry.
Balayage- Brunette
This balayage service is for blondes or brunettes going darker than their current hair color. See blonde balayage if you want to add lighter tones. Does not include Blow-dry service.
Bleach Retouch & Tone
Bleach retouch on new growth only, all over toner. Does not include blow dry
Want to be a blonde? This is a full lightening service turning every hair blonde. Price will increase if your appointment exceeds duration time. Please note: blonding can be achieved in one session, but sometimes multiple sessions are required to achieve desired level of blonde without compromising the hair. Does not include blow dry. Price varies due to length and thickness this is base pricing.
Blow-out ~ Pixie/Super Short
above ear and jawline
Blow-out ~ Bob Length Hair
medium length is chin /jawline, or very fine thin hair
Blow-out ~ Long Hair
hair past shoulders
Blow-out ~ Extra Long Hair
hair past mid back
Color ~ Correction
correction involving various methods to achieve the color you want and typically requires a full day of service. Does not include blow dry
Color ~ Double Process Color
two-step process involving lightening the hair by more than two shades. First the hair is lightened to remove your natural color, then toned to create the shade you're going for. does not include blow dry service.
Color ~ Gloss Color/TONER
all over clear gloss or colored semi-permanent treatment to seal cuticle, add shine to dull hair. Does not include blow dry
Color ~ Root Retouch
color application to regrowth only. Does not include blow dry service.
Color ~ Single Process Color
all over, permanent or semi permanent color (this is a one step process going darker) if you desire to go lighter than your current hair please see highlights, corrective color, Double process color, or blonding. Does not include blow dry service.
Fantasy Color
Also known as rainbow Mermaid or unicorn hair.....requires an all over blonding session to start with blank canvas for fantasy colors of your choice. Choose as many as you want!
Hair Extensions ~ Removal
removal of tape in extensions, clarifying treatment (does not include blow dry)
Does not include shampoo or blow dry
Razored Haircut
does not include shampoo or blow dry
Highlights/Lowlights~ Full Head
highlight or lowlight application to entire head. Does not include blow dry service. (price varies due to length and thickness)
Highlights /Lowlights~ Partial
highlight or lowlight application to top and/or sides only. Does not include blow dry service.
full face makeup application. (Airbrushed also available for $20 more)
Make-up ~ Bridal
full face, extra attention to detail, Airbrushed or regular.
Styling ~ Braiding
Dutch, fishtail, French, milkmaid (sorry, no micro braiding)
Styling ~ Bridal Hair / Bridal Trial
customized hair design for the bride to be. Does not include shampoo or blow dry
Styling ~ Curl Style
Choose this style if you love your hair curled! Does not include shampoo blow dry.
Styling ~ Flat Iron
flat ironed to create a perfect silky-smooth, frizz-free straight style! Does not include shampoo blow dry
Styling ~ Perm or Body Wave
permanent or body wave. Does not include blow dry
Styling ~ Specialty Style
Bridal party, prom, and special event styling. Does not include shampoo or blow dry
Treatment ~ Clarifying
for dry scalp, dandruff, or to remove product build-up on hair
Treatment ~ Conditioning
hydrates, moisturizes, and nourishes hair to prevent breakage, split ends, leaving hair strands soft
Treatment ~ Detoxifying
chlorine removal, mineral deposit build-up from hard water
Treatment ~ Keratin Treatment
Hair Smoothing Treatments that temporarily coats the outer layer of the hair to smooth and decrease frizz, enhance shine, and minimize blow-dry time. Typically lasts three months. Consultation required for requesting a brand other than Brazilian Blowout.
Brows ~ Brow Shape
includes a short consult and brow shape using a combination of hard wax and tweezer
Brows ~ Brow Tint
With defined, well-groomed brows, a brow tint gives you a thicker look and a more youthful appearance without having to apply daily makeup. A brow tint will last for weeks.
Mink or synthetic strip lashes applied at the base of your natural lash for fuller looking lashes. (This is not lash extensions!!)
Waxing (facial only)
brows, lip, cheek, chin

Our Staff

Holly Crawford
Owner of Dollheads Salon: Holly has over 15 years of experience. She specializes in Balayage, blondes, corrective color, extensions, and hairstyles for all occasions!