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The Ousia Tattoo

This full day discounted rate is for The Ousia Tattoo that Nick offers. The appointment will last from 11AM to 5/6ish-PM. This option is for those wanting to give him complete creative freedom over their tattoo to receive something that aligns with their unique Ousia (Being), through his interpretation. You can learn more about this booking option through the website. Click on "Nick's Home" -> "The Ousia Tattoo Journey". Prior to your appointment and before your booking request is accepted, you will be asked to talk with Nick about yourself, either by video chat or in person to discuss what makes you, you. The more personal and open you are, the more he can express your Ousia through his art. These appointments have limited availability. Should you want a large scale tattoo project it may have to be completed using multiple days. Again, this is only for those wanting Nick to design something that expresses their Ousia (Being) through his own art and perception of them. For design specific appointments you will have to book with him normally. This booking option is solely for The Ousia Tattoo.

The Ousia Tattoo $1,000 ยท 6 hours



Nink is the owner of Manhattan Tattoos. His goal is to help people express themselves through this spiritual medium.