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Garage Door General Service Call

Aroundtown Garage Doors Ltd. offers a “general service call” that consists of the inspection and/or the replacement/repair of a customer's garage door mechanical assemblies. All services and products will be installed, and or replaced, as required. The service will always ensure the customer's garage door will operate smoothly, and all safety systems are working as designed. During the initial inspection of the customer’s garage door, the repairs will be quickly identified and itemized for immediate replacement or repairing. The service technician will utilize a company vehicle with a stocked inventory. The service will also inspect for damaged garage door sections and provide a quote for replacement. A service call has a set price and is thirty minutes long. Anything beyond thirty minutes will be billed accordingly for additional parts and labor. An invoice and report will be issued to the customer upon completion, with product details and warranty. All general service calls will include the following: • Balancing of garage door’s lifting springs are all properly tensioned • All fasteners are inspected & tightened if loose • Lubrication of all hinges, bearings and metal contact points • Safety system testing & alignment if necessary Common Repairs Typically Take Under Thirty Minutes to Complete: • Bottom seal replacements • Bracket adjustments • Cable replacements • Fastener tightening • Hinge adjustments and replacements • Programming: exterior access entry keypads, remotes & accessories • Operator programming with limit, force and sensor alignment • Roller adjustments and replacements • Safety testing and emergency operating instructions • Track adjustments • Weather stripping installations & replacements There are specialized services that take more than thirty minutes to complete. Some specialized services have a predefined price set. The customer will be informed promptly if any of the following are required: • Complete garage door installation service • Emergency services • Opener installation service • Opener inner drive gear replacement service • Torque tube conversion service • Garage door section replacement service • Spring replacement service

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Garage Door Technician / Sales

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