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Andrea Elizabeth is a Natural Born Seer / Spiritual Medium and Karuna Reiki Master Teacher and Yogi. Andrea uses her spiritual wisdom and insight in her healing sessions to uncover the deeply hidden information in your space and deciphers its meaning to assist in healing the physical as well as unseen parts in your space. In her teaching, Andrea allows her students to gain access to their hidden gifts and begin to utilize them in their own healing and well being and in the healing and well being of others.
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Our Services

Reiki and Messages Session
In this Session, you will receive a full hour Reiki Session and a 15 minute Medium Session. In this session, you will receive messages from your guides, angels as well as your higher self.
Father's Day Special Session- June 2019
Give your Father or the Man in your life the gift of a healing session.
Mt. Shasta Retreat Full Payment
Mt. Shasta Retreat June 21 to 23 2019
Mt. Shasta Retreat June 2019 Reservation Fee
Mt. Shasta Retreat June 2019 STUDENT DISCOUNT
Reiki Self Healing Class - Session 1 - 3 hours
Learn Reiki for self healing and manifesting. See Schedule for date and time.
Reiki Self Healing Class 2 - 3 hours
Learn how to heal your past present and future self using Reiki Self Healing. See calendar of time and date.
Workshop 3 hours
Reiki I Practitioner Class
Reiki II Practitioner Class
Reiki III Master Class
FOUNDATIONS OF YOGA ASANA This experiential, workshop-style class is designed to ‘break the ice’ between you and your mat! Yoga is a lifelong practice that meets us all where we’re at, and this workshop is designed to make it all feel a bit less overwhelming and intimidating. We’ll move slowly, step-by-step, through several foundational asana sequences – exploring correct alignment, safety precautions and techniques for deepening along the way – and, there will be ample time for getting some of your burning questions about those poses that never feel ‘quite right’ answered.
Telephone Universal Matrix Healing
This healing is a revealing look into your soul space to assist you to heal your past present and future endeavors and to move out what keeps you stuck enabling you to further gain access to your true inner soul. I look at your Universal Matrix to see what lights up to be healed or moved out as well as your DNA. There could be ancestral difficulties, diseases, illness, forbidden ideas, feelings and the like. I take an in depth look into your entire makeup of who you are and doing my best to assist you in unfolding your truest nature of who you are, where you can go and what you can do and achieve. I can take a look at blocks in your life, such as wealth, fortune, and even despair. Your Universal Matrix holds so much information that having a clearing could bring literally unlimited possibilities for you.
Creating Opulence and Magnificence Workshop
How to Create Opulence and Magnificence in your life.
2019 Universal Perspective Healing Session
Come and find meaning to your 2019 New Year Adventure. Together we can bring to light and move out whatever negativity or past ideas you may have brought forward into this shiny New Year. Your Soul Crevasses can hold so many issues, emotions, ideas, harms that can block you from creativity and even financially going forward clearly into this New Year. We can take a look at finances, partners, new ideas for success and so much more. This higher visionary work consists of allowing your higher self to be magnificently present and allowable to creating more in your life. Whatever that may be for you specifically. No one knows but you and your higher self, how much you need an insightful change, so click below and let’s get together and clear you space, and allow you to really live this year to its fullest capacity possible.
House or Office Clearing
Clearing your space of heaviness, spirits, energy, or anything else that is creating chaos in your living or working space.
Yelp Reiki Offer for 1 hour and 15 Minute session
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Intuitive and Messages Reading Circle
Plan I Spiritual Mastership 3 Months $99 Per month
Plan I Spiritual Mastership Training Mind Body and Soul Living Package Cost: 3 - Month Conditioning Package $99 per month $250 if paid in full - $47 off
Plan 2 Spiritual Mastership 6 months - $133 Per month
Plan 2 Spiritual Mastership Training Living from the Universal Mind Body and Soul Package 6 Month Package- Cost: $133 per month $600 if paid in full - $198 off
Plan 3 Spiritual Mastership Training 9 months $144 per month
Plan 3 Spiritual Mastership Training Manifesting with the Universal Mind Body and Soul Package 9 Month Package- Cost: $144 per month $1200 if paid in full - $ 96 off 2 pmts of $620 - $56 off 3 pmts of 420 - $36 off 4 pmts of 320 - $16 off
Retraining the Intellect
I added this course, because my guides said it was paramount, and because I know of so many people who seem to not be able to get to the other side of their head and or their brain, the intellectual side of the spirit. This is session is for the so called “close minded scientific engineering brains” who can only see what is on paper. They cannot fathom the unknown because it is not explained. We will fully conjugate each and every aspect of the self from a spiritual vibration and or space by allowing you to see with your mind’s eye or mind’s heart just exactly where you have performed the same duties, such as clear knowing, clear seeing, clear audible, etc., however you and your mind thought they were something different. This session was channeled to me by Einstein and Sir Isaac Newton, two of my favorite guides who like to come in and give me information to help the big-minded people who are struggling with their beliefs.
Perspective Healing - For those who could use a Good Philosophical Change in their Outlook on Life
In these Perspective Healing sessions, I will take a look at your fractured perspective space and begin to bring in all aspects of you that are scattered, mind body and soul, allowing you to be completely present and evaluate where you currently live and see how it is out of rhythm and allowing your entire space to become whole again, using some grace and allowance mechanisms that I received from channeling. These simple plans are from a deep place within where one can only sense. I assist in allowing this space to open up and clear out while taking a look at what is happening within your soul space and allowing for healing and peace. When complete you will have a total clear new perspective on absolutely everyone and everything. And things will begin to line up and start working for you.
Spiritual Workout - A specific physical spiritual journey for each individual
This spiritual workout is a simple energetic addition to the rest of the processes. Beginning with simple breath exercises and gentle yin yoga postures you will begin to feel the flow of your new energetic body and its inner workings. During this process of movement each and every time you begin the day you will begin to notice new ideas, new feelings, new precepts about you and your life. You will begin to allow old memories, hurts, bad decisions, to simply slip away. What most people do not know about the body is that we hold on to things in various places both within and without.

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