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Our Services

Pathway to healing (Package)
Aura Healing (30m), Reiki Healing (15m) and Core Wound Healing (15m) (suggested series of 3). Consultation (15m) Regularly Priced at $123.00
Spirit Guide Connection (Package)
Meet your guide and get a reading with your guide. 60 minutes Regularly priced at 98.00
Departed Soul Healing (Medium Healing)
Healing between the living (you) and your departed loved one. Deep Healing.
Core wound healing
Specifically focused healing on your cour wounds. Suggested Series of 3.
Reading with my Spirit Guides/ Consultation
I will connect with my spirit guides and convey their messages to you.
Meet your Spirit Guide
Guided meditation to meet your spirit guide.
Reiki - Full Body Healing
Reiki Full Body Healing
Aura Cleaning and Healing
Aura Cleaning and Healing
Aura Cleaning and Healing
Learn how to ground to the core of the earth. Be more centered and focused.
Grounding and Shielding
Grounding to the core of the earth and protection for unwanted energies.
Reiki I
Become a Reiki I practitioner. I teach the traditional Usui Reiki. Learn how Reiki can change your life. Course is 6 hours over two days. Cost is 150.00 per student. Please Contact me at to schedule.
Numerology Full Report
Get a full report of the numbers in your life. only $18.00 for a PDF of 80+ pages. If you would like a hard copy the price is $34.00 Please provide your full birth name, name currently used, full Birthdate and an email address where I can email you the report. You will be invoiced once information has been received.

Our Staff

Shannon McLeran