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Online Zoom Kineziology 1 Hour session

We dive deep into the subconscious information hidden within your cells, and nervous system to find the underlying causes of suffering, unsupportive habits and physical pain to experience the freedom of release utilising endless tools from Chinese medicine philosophy, brain retraining, and emotional release techniques. Unlock your inner vision and inspiration and live out your most powerful message to the world. You can achieve these results with an in clinic in person consultation, or via Skype.

150.00 $150 · 1 hour

Blueprint Iridology Analysis In Clinic

Iridology Session. Our iris is like a blueprint of our generational downloads over time. When we have an iris analysis, we are discovering the indicators of genetic vulnerabilities, dispositions and inherited constitution that may potentiate an environment for various health manifestations. Understanding ourselves, our limitations, strengths and weaknesses is vital information to caring for your constitutional type. Price includes between 1-2 hours report writing and follow up).

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Kidz Kineziology

A 60 min session designed for the needs of children. A fun way to discover blocks, challenges and stressors for children. Great for learning difficulties, emotional imbalance and so much more.

140.00 $150 · 1 hour

Physiokey Drug Free Pain Relief Session

Physiokey 100% drug-free pain relief technology. Designed specifically for health professionals working in the area of pain relief and rehabilitation. Non-Invasive interactive neuro-stimulation technology is combined with an intuitive touch-screen user interface providing immediate access to preset stimulation programs to treat a full range of injuries and painful conditions. The graphical display provides the user with quick and easy access to treatment programs for acute and chronic conditions. The physiokey can be used to identify optimal treatment points, helping to ensure the most effective targeted treatment. Unique interactive stimulation provides highly effective, non-invasive, non-drug pain relief with simple treatment protocols. Depending on the injury or issue you are experiencing we recommend committing to a 3 session package for best results. Physiokey sessions last for 60 mins and are $90 per session or book 3 and pay $250. Immediate results often do happen, but are not the norm as chronic conditions can take time to recouperate.

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Biochemical Facial Analysis In Clinic

Biochemical Facial Analysis is a powerful way to detect mineral imbalances seen in the face. This can be completed online or in person in clinic. Includes face to face session of up to 90 mins, and research / analysis time of up to 2 hours.

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Sacred or Therapeutic Harp

This ancient art form, synonymous with healing over centuries of history, the harp has the ability to bring peace, calm, uplift and soothe. David played his harp for the King to sooth him, the ancient Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras believed that individual frequencies in music can support healing in the body and was reported to have used therapeutic sound to treat physical and emotional problems. Trained to use vibration, very old and ancient modes, harmony, tone and rhythm to heal, calm, uplift and raise the vibration of a space. Angela can also provide a seamless experience of healing harp, a hands-on musical experience with drums and other instruments, along with any type of education, presentation or training to enhance your conference, retreat, or event. On the board of the Australian Harp Therapy Association as training and development facilitator, Angela shares her extensive experience with musicians of Australia and the globe. The second musician to complete the International Healing Musicians Program in Australia (IHMP) with the late Stella Benson CMP, Angela has mastered the ability to be those suffering or dying. Master of many traditional music’s and instrument’s from around the world, harpist and solo classical flautist, Angela has performed on global stages in ensembles such as the SBS Orchestra, Seh Sek Hoi (Traditional Korean Sharmen / Folk Drumming), Baklava (Eastern European and Middle Eastern Music) and more. Angela has always had a passion and connection to culture, art and music of the world, forming a part of her role as unifier and bringer of peace. Resident Harpist for inaugural events such as The International Wave of Light, Candlelight Ceremony, a global service remembering those who have experienced Pregnancy and Infant Loss, and the Inaugural Baby Lily Grace Awareness Day Memorial and Candle lighting Ceremony. A moving dawn service to honour the many abandoned and unidentified children found each year. Angela spent many years as the resident Therapeutic Harpist on the Palliative Care Wards of Calvary Health Care Hospital in Kogarah, devoting hundreds of hours at the bedside of the dying and ill. She has spoken at a National level on a number of occasions for NSW Palliative Care Conferences, run workshops and ceremony for Compassionate Friends Australia Conferences and events (an organisation who support those who have lost children.) Trained staff at St George Hospital Sydney how to use music to support their patients, worked with Neonates at Westmead Children’s Hospital playing harp for the Neonates and Premature Babies, not to mention the countless Funerals, Viewings, Christenings, Weddings and Ceremonies of all kinds. Angela has become a master at creating sacred space with sound. Book Angela for your event or ceremony. This booking price includes travel costs within 1 hour to the venue, and preparation costs.

2 Options

Music Therapy

1 hour 30 minutes

Lymphatic Massage

$120 · 1 hour

Power of Three Session Discount

When booking and committing to a minimum of three one hour Kinesiology sessions, to be completed within 3 months. There is power in completing a series of sessions to truly give yourself the time, and on going support to deliver on what it is that is important to you in your life. Booking and committing to the three sessions rewards you with a discount of $30 per session, or $90 savings on the three sessions. The more sessions you book, the more you are rewarded with discount. I look forward to beginning a journey with you today.

$450 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Power of the Journey Six Session Deal

Some of the most powerful transformations I have witnessed have been with those who commit to a journey. This journey includes a series of six one hour sessions over 3 months. This deal is the perfect reward for that person who wishes to dedicate themselves to that journey. A one off session normally $180, receiving a discount of $40 per session is a wonderful way to reward your commitment to yourself. Many also wish to enjoy a series of sessions, though find the cost of one off sessions hard to manage. The six sessions will need to be set and completed within a three month period, one session every two weeks. To receive this deal one must commit to attending and paying for the six sessions. You can either pay upfront, or in three repayments over the 3 month period. The journey could also be taken over a 6 month period, but 50% of the total cost must be paid upfront, with the remaining paid off at the beginning of the last 3 month period.

$840 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Power of Three Kids Kinesiology Package

When booking and paying for 3 sessions up front you can receive a huge discount of $30 per session. Normally $150 per session, down to $120 per session. This package must be used within 3 months and paid up front.

$360 · 1 hour 30 minutes

The Twelve Month Quest Kinesiology Deal

If you commit to a year long journey of 1 session per month for twelve months you will be richly rewarded with a discount of $60 off each session or $720 in total! You will need to commit to a minimum of one session per month, or you can complete the journey earlier by booking your sessions in once per fortnight over 6 months. You will be required to pay this up front to receive this incredible saving.

$1,440 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Empower Kinesiology (90mins)

After 15 years, and thousands of hours of Kinesiology and Neuro Training client sessions I have become an expert in the ability in gathering, seeing and understanding the pieces to the subconscious puzzle that is how people do their life. Through the nervous system we will clearly see the reasons, patterns and perceptions as to why you are limiting yourself, or experiencing physical symptoms. This discovery guiding you to cause immediate and life altering miracles within the areas of life most dreamed of. Recommended first session.

$180 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Kinesiology Plus

This powerful combination allows us the time to dive deep into the body, mind, neurology and spirit for a total body reboot. Incorporating the power of Biochemical Tissue Salt Facial Analysis we take the support even deeper to read into the signs that the face reveals in regard possible Tissue Salt imbalance or depletion. We end the session by pulling things together with a short Kinesiology balance. Part of this process includes Facial Diagnosis. By sending me a photo of your face, clear light, no shadows, and without makeup, as a Biochemical Therapy Practitioner we are trained to see facial signs and symptoms of possible mineral deficiencies etc. We are trained to work with the Schuessler Biochemical Tissue Salts, which are inexpensive, safe, and easy to take to produce wonderful results on a cellular level. Combining the power of Kinesiology, Iridology and Neuro Training with the Biochemical rememdies is true Alchemy, giving us the ability to balance the body to the salt, and provide another level of support for the nervous system on a cellular level. You can however choose to have just the Biochemical Anyalsis. Iridology is a is a powerful way to give people from all walks of life an access to learning and understanding more about how their nervous system and neurology works with or against them to create the life they are living, restore personal power, and find the freedom to fully express their soul. To understand your unique constitution and genetic strengths and limitations.

$220 · 2 hours


Angela Sciberras