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Top-rated permanent makeup artist and instructor based in San Diego, CA. Our services: Lip blush, Ombre powder brows, Eyeliners. Small group and private trainings (Pmu fundamental 5 days course, Lip blush fundamental training, Eyeliner fundamental training) are available!
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Our Services

Brow Lamination PROMO
Lip blush - $380 FEBRUARY SPECIAL
Lip blush tattoo. Color is fully customizable. When the lips are done, the immediate look after the procedure it's not the final color or end result. At first, the color will appear brighter and more vibrant, appearing more like a lipstick. Once your lips have healed, you can expect the color 50% lighter then they appeared immediately after the procedure. This will give you the beautiful natural color that you have always wanted! The final result will be a beautiful enhanced color of your natural lip color. If you want to go darker this is not a problem! The healing time is typically one week, however it does vary from client to client depending on your skin type.
Ombre powder brows - $400
Lash liner - $300
Top or bottom. Ask me about the special Top + Bottom lash liner
Smokey eyeliner - $400
Eyeliner + smokey shading
Winged eyeliner - $350
Customizable winged eyeliner (top)
Touch up (lips, brows, eyes)
Tattoo removal / Pigment lightening
Non-laser tattoo removal using saline solution
Color Booster (3 months - 1 year after initial session)

Our Staff

Elena Shakuto

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