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Ayurvedic Energy Healing

Relax and enjoy this ancient Ayurvedic Energy Healing modality pairing Energy Healing with Marma Point Therapy, a modality similar to acupressure that also incorporates massage like techniques. Ayurvedic Energy Healing is older than acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. This healing method focuses on the 3 main Nadis (energy channels) and the 7 main Chakras (energy centers) through specific vital points located throughout the body. The Nadis and Chakras are connected to hundreds of other energy centers/vital points in which each have a specific purpose and function within the mind/consciousness, physiology, and energetic body. These vital points are found primarily on the head and face. However, other vital points on the body, including the arms/hands and legs/feet, may also be a part of this treatment. Specific oils and essential oils based upon the clients mind-body constitution may be used, but are not required if sensitive to certain substances or smells. This subtle, yet power healing technique opens the energy channels and assists in establishing a beneficial flow of energy (prana) throughout the physical and energetic bodies, while also addressing and clearing emotional and mental imprints and impressions residing in the energy field. It also aids in bringing balance and alignment to the physiology and the entire energy field, as well as establishes a more coordinated mind-body connection.

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Energy Healing

This gentle, hands-on healing session using light touch is centered around stress relief and relaxation. Stress is the root cause of illness and most all disease and dis-ease that we experience. Life Force Energy, an infinite and powerful energy source to which we are all connected, flows throughout and around your entire body. This energy source works directly with your mind and body, as well as the subtle energetic layers of your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies to help release the stress, traumatic imprints, and impressions that are embedded in the energy field. Allow yourself to relax and let go as life force energy flows throughout your energy centers and entire energy field, healing that which is in need of healing while you experience a deep state of peace and calm enabling you to receive exactly what is needed in the present moment.

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Private Yoga Sessions

Private instruction introducing you to a gentle, complete consciousness-based yoga practice that effectively prepares you for meditation. This specific sequence focuses on bringing balance to the physiology and promotes mind-body coordination and overall health and wellbeing. Pranayama (breathwork) and a 10-20 minute meditation follow the asana sequence. Private sessions available beginning at $50 for 1-2 person instruction with the option to add-on up to 3 additional people. The add-on fee is $15 per additional person.

$50 · 1 hour

Distant Energy Healing Session

Want to receive Energy Healing but have no time to make it in during office hours or would prefer to receive the healing without being in-person? Or, do you simply live too far away? Energy is limitless, therefore you need not be physically present to receive transformational and healing benefits.

$60 · 1 hour

Private Meditation Instruction or Guided Meditations

Private meditation instruction to assist you in cultivating an effective and efficient meditation practice. Learn simple techniques and how to practice without effort or frustration. Another option is a guided meditation, which I refer to as an experience because meditation is to meant to allow one to transcend while guided experiences are intentional or goal specific and actively engage many aspects of the mind, going beyond the conscious mind. Examples of intentional experiences include, but are not limited to, releasing stress and negativity, restoring and expanding energy, connecting to Self, etc. Sessions start at $40 for 1-2 person instruction with the option to add-on up to 8 additional people at a fee of $10 per additional person.

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Hypnotherapy Session

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