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Our Services

Akashic Reading
An Akashic Reading gives you incredibly clear insight into WHY your life and circumstances are the way they are. You’ll get answers – really specific and enlightening answers. See, humans have questions. All sorts of questions. We want to know what our soul purpose is, why we struggle, and why certain people, issues and patterns are so persistent in our lives. It’s as if we are caught in an exhausting cycle where the faces, places, and situations change – but the issues persist. So,How Does An Akashic Reading Bring Clarity To All Your Questions? Ok, when your Akashic Record is accessed, the information relevant to your current life challenge is always highlighted. Your most persistent “patterns” are brought out to be understood (and healed) and the more questions you ask, the more clarity you receive about your life purpose, your past lives, your life between lives, your current spiritual path, your intuitive gifts and your soul mates. This info can be life-changing.
Sound Therapy Session w/ Tuning Forks and Reiki
Energy Alignments use tuning forks to restore resonance when placed within the energy field of a chakra that is out of harmony. The sound of the fork will harmonize the dissonant energy, correcting the vibration with their sound. These sessions are a powerful way to help bring balance within, quickly and easily. And, while chakras can be cleared and balanced using many methods, I personally haven’t found anything to be more effective than Tuning Fork Therapy. Combining the frequencies of the tuning forks with Holy Fire Reiki, and Akashic messaging brings about an enhanced healing session that leaves you feeling extremely peaceful and balanced.
Holy Fire Reiki
Holy Fire III Reiki is a new form introduced by the International Center for Reiki Training. It is both powerful and gentle, healing through purification, empowerment and guidance. Holy Fire III Reiki is a combination of traditional Usui Reiki and a contemporary evolution of Reiki. “It’s as if God has breathed new life into Reiki.” ~ Laurelle Shanti The energy is noticeably more refined and comes from a different level of consciousness than standard Reiki.
Emotional Block Release
Energy work is crucial for healthy energy centers (chakra’s) and for releasing and healing energetic blocks that create emotional and physical symptoms within our body. As a Reiki Master and a Clairvoyant Medium, a session with Jo includes an intuitive assessment, a chakra balancing and an emotional block removal. She also works extensively with the 8th chakra to activate and integrate the new energies within your emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Sessions may also include past life vow release, cord cutting, and any other energy clearing modality she is intuitively called to utilize. It’s recommended to schedule three sessions over a period of 8 weeks to fully integrate your cleared frequencies while release takes place.
60 Minute Tarot/Oracle Reading
A tarot and oracle reading offers insight into situations in your life, and guidance on the actions you may need to take. I use both types of cards. The oracle tells us the what, and the tarot tells us how.
30 Minute Tarot/Oracle Reading
A tarot and oracle reading offers insight into situations in your life, and guidance on the actions you may need to take. I use both types of cards. The oracle tells us the what, and the tarot tells us how.
Medium Reading
As a Medium, Jo works with Spirit to deliver messages from loved ones who have crossed over. Her messages are healing and reassuring, helping those left behind feel at peace after a loved one has passed.

Our Staff

Johanna Figueras
Jo Figueras, R.M.T., Energy Therapy Practitioner, Clairvoyant Channel/Medium, Owner of Woke • Mind Body Studio. Jo is a Clairvoyant Channel and Intuitive Development Mentor who connects to the Akashic Realm to share the wisdom and guidance of Spirit. She helps her clients and students develop and strengthen their own intuitive abilities in order to stay focused on their Lifepath. She teaches the importance of looking inward, understanding Universal Law and transforming emotional triggers and wounds into purpose and potential. She believes that in order to confidently stand in your own power, you must first learn to stop giving it away to others, and that learning how to heal and honor the wounds that exist within us at deep levels is the key to radical self-acceptance and living joyfully every day.

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