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Intuitive Session with Jo

Important Announcement: I am located in Portland, OR and all available sessions are listed are in Pacific Standard Time. Please add 1 hour for Mountain, 2 hours for Central and 3 hours for PST. You will receive an email stating your appointment has been confirmed. This email will also contain the link to the Zoom session, so please keep it handy. OK - on to the good stuff! Most of my clients seek me out for an Akashic or Intuitive reading… and while that will ALWAYS be included in our work together, sometimes YOU need more. Sometimes the work that needs to be done isn’t included in a standard reading (energy work, vow/cord removal, how to manage your empathic abilities, etc.) Well, now it is. Each session will be scheduled for 90 minutes and will include any technique or modality I am guided to provide, based on input from your Guides/Spiritual Team, Your Higher Self and Your Soul Blueprint: Akashic Reading, Intuitive Development, Empath Energy Management, Numerology, Past Life Recall & Channeling, Intuitive Arts (Tarot, Oracle, Mediumship & Channeling), Reiki/Energy Work, Sound Therapy, Dimensional Energy & Chakra Activations, Karmic Balancing, Past Life Vow Removal, Money Mindset Realignment… and more. In this format, we could cover any number of topics in order to provide you with the most important and impactful information and steps forward on your journey. That might mean… Clarity and insight into specific questions you have. Connecting with your Spirit Guides to determine who you’re working with, their names, how they appear, and their specific roles as they support you in your current incarnation. Which method each Guide uses to connect with you. The details of your lifepath, your soul contracts, your karma, past lives, future potential lives and hints of your life between lives. The answers to some of your biggest current life challenges and the past life in which your challenge is based. Your path forward. We are all entering a new phase of our spiritual journey, things are changing and we are meant to do something new. But it can be challenging to know exactly WHAT that something is, as well as the next steps on your spiritual path, what challenges you may encounter and what you need to know in order to move forward with trust and confidence. I’ve taken the confusion out of choosing a reading type. Each session you book will include opening your Akashic Record and a Numerology Lifepath review. So no matter what you are experiencing, a session with me will bring clarity to all areas of your life.

$125 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Online Intuitive Development Individual Session (packages also available)

Important! Connection links for online sessions are included in the email you will receive that indicates your appointment has been accepted. PLEASE look for this at least 24 hours prior to your reading time. If you do not see it in your inbox, please check your spam folder. Please call or text 517.348.2271 if you have any problems connecting. ******************************************************************** If you’ve been wanting to work with someone to develop your Intuitive abilities, you’ve found the right place! Working with a teacher or mentor one on one is the fastest way to achieve results because you are focused on identifying your own unique strengths as you are guided step-by-step in overcoming any blocks or challenges. I teach and guide people through the processes of understanding and navigating your spiritual and intuitive awakening, learning how to “do the work”, and how to develop the resulting abilities that emerge (empath and intuitive/ psychic abilities). I then help you discover your dharma (your life purpose) and how to successfully live within Universal Law to create success, prosperity, abundance and joy. I include a Numerology LifePath Review and an Akashic Reading to give my students an individualized course of study.

$125 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Jo Figueras

Jo Figueras, R.M.T., Akashic Reader, Intuitive Jewelry Artist, Tuning Fork Sound Therapy Practitioner, Clairvoyant Medium, Clairaudient Channel and Owner of Woke Studio and The Woke Akashic. My name is Jo, and to nourish my soul, I’m a writer and a jewelry designer, and I’m passionate about teaching others to develop their own intuitive abilities to use them to enrich their lives – and the lives of others. I believe that in order to confidently stand in your own power, you must first learn to stop giving it away to others. Learning how to heal and honor the shadow wounds that exist within us at bone deep levels is the key to radical self-acceptance and living a joyful life every single day.