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Spirit Guide Reading

Important! Connection links for online readings are included in the email you will receive that indicates your appointment has been accepted. PLEASE look for this at least 24 hours prior to your reading time. If you do not see it in your inbox, please check your spam folder. ******************************************************************** During a Spirit Guide Akashic Reading, I connect to your Spirit Guides. To help us stay focused on our path, we all have Spirit Guides to help us with the goals of our blueprint. They protect us, and help us develop spiritually and intuitively. They’ve been with us since before birth, and stay throughout our entire human life to offer assistance in our daily life and in the choices we must make. I’ll connect with your Spirit Guides to determine who you are currently working with. You’ll learn their names, how they appear, and you’ll learn their specific roles as they support you in your current incarnation. You’ll also learn which method each Guide uses to connect with you. ***NOTE: This reading is a follow-up to the Akashic Soul Blueprint for those looking for deeper insight after you have explored your Soul Blueprints Core Chart.

$155 · 1 hour 15 minutes

Akashic Soul Blueprint Reading

PLEASE READ BEFORE BOOKING!! You will receive a confirmation email after booking; this will contain your connection link and IMPORTANT next steps. Please read and reply to it as soon as possible. I am located in Portland, OR and all available sessions listed are in Pacific Standard Time. Please add 1 hour for Mountain, 2 hours for Central and 3 hours for PST. You will receive an email stating your appointment has been confirmed. This email will also contain the link to the Zoom session, so please keep it handy. Finally, PLEASE be logged on 5 minutes prior to the start of your session. OK - on to the good stuff! Each session will be scheduled for 60- 90 minutes and will include any technique or modality I am guided to provide, based on input from your Guides/Spiritual Team, Your Higher Self and Your Soul Blueprint: In this session we will review your numerology core chart, and your Soul Blueprint. This provides you with the most important and impactful information and steps forward on your journey such as clarity and insight into specific questions you have, connecting with your Spirit Guides to determine who you’re working with and their specific roles as they support you in your current incarnation. We'll also explore which method each Guide uses to connect with you. An Akashic Reading will provide the details of your lifepath, your soul contracts, your karma, past lives, future potential lives and hints of your life between lives. The answers to some of your biggest current life challenges and the past life in which your challenge is based. Each session will include opening your Akashic Record and a Numerology Lifepath review. An Akashic Soul Blueprint Reading will bring clarity to all areas of your life.

$175 · 1 hour 15 minutes

Jo Figueras

The founder of Woke Studio and The Woke Akashic, Jo Figueras is an Akashic Soul Blueprint Reader, an Intuitive Development Coach, and an Artisan Jewelry Designer who incorporates numerology and astrology in the design of custom jewelry pieces for her clients. Jo has worked as a professional reader since 2014, but has been working with her abilities in conjunction with divination for over 25 years. As a teacher, she offers a large catalogue of metaphysical and holistic classes & workshops via both online and in-person platforms, with a focus on empowering Intuitives and Empaths to develop and strengthen their abilities. After leaving the corporate world of Marketing and Public Relations where she was a certified event planner, Jo opened her studio space to hosting and organizing metaphysical events, gallery readings, meditations and healing retreats.