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Creative Consultation

Let's discuss your project over a Zoom (audio) meeting. We'll discuss your overall vision, needs, and budget.

Free · 30 minutes

Video Produciton - Booking (See Description)

Video Productions are a big deal! We take them seriously, and want you to get the most from your overall budget. We offer a full suite of creative production services. This includes: - Cinematography - Photography - Editing - Casting - Treatment/Shot List creation - Location Scouting - Wardrobe Guidance Of course, every project has different needs. Let's discuss your vision and go from there. Once you book, we will contact you via email to discuss the details.

5 hours

Video Editing - Guided Session

Let us bring your music video or ad to life. Here, we set up a virtual or in-person meeting to accomplish to following: - Transfer your footage for post-production - Discuss your vision for the final product - Arrange the footage/clips for editing - Begin the editing process

$450 · 3 hours


Chisom Uzosike