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ACT I Group Acting Class(Online)

Select Booking for During the Weekday 6:30 - 7:30pm Exposition • Our “Exposition” class is our foundational class aimed and first time actors that want to get their feet wet. Introduction to the essentials of beginning acting. • Students will learn an intro to theatre vocabulary, acting skills, improvisation, breathing and focusing the mind. • Establish and fine tune your imagination, creativity & self-confidence. • Build self-awareness & develop an understanding of your voice and body. Acting Class in a group environment of up to 10 individuals *Added convenience fee of $3.50

$53.50 · 1 hour

ACT II Group Acting Class(Online)

Select Booking for During the Weekday 8:00 - 9:00 PM The RISE • Next level class, for students that have an understanding of acting or may have acting in the pass but want to enhance their skills. • Actor’s will examine the acting process through various acting methods to build true characters that are believable. • Scene study that will allow students to stay present in the moment and keep their scene alive. • Learn how to build a character from the ground up. • Develop acting skills and techniques that are based on spontaneity, impulse, and improvisation. • Breaking down a script to find the true meaning of each scene and bringing the script to life. *Added convenience fee of $3.50

$53.50 · 1 hour

KIDS Acting Class(Online)

Select Booking Sundays 12pm, 1:30 & 3pm • Our classes focus on creative movement, improvisations, speech development, and much more. • Theatre games to build confidence, explore their senses, teach space utilization, and to get a deeper understanding of what characters are. • Students will utilize their imagination to create characters, build characters from the inside out, ask the 5 W’s (Who/What/When/Where/Why) and learn the magic “what if.” • Designed to teach them the arts, strengthen their self-esteem and to provide them with a fun & healthy learning environment. *Added convenience fee of $3.50

$38.50 · 1 hour

3 Acting Class Promo(Online)

Special pricing for acting classes for a limited time only. Book your first class here and add on your 2nd and 3rd classes during your first session. *Added convenience fee of $3.50

$103.50 · 1 hour

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