Crystal Junkie Deerfield

Metaphysical store with Good Vibes! Group classes , Workshops & Private healings sessions. Known for; Guided Meditations,Crystal energy healings & Frequency healings. Outdoor Gem Garden to c have a enlightening experience -feelin the vibes of the channeled paintings there stand on the painting and feel high vibes though your body! We sell Crystal bowls,Tuning forks, drums,Crystals,decks ,crystal jewelry and many magical items. Ayurvedic Herbs,Essential oils, candles, sages,incense and more.Its a Healthy Hangout and Meditation Center with Vegan lite bites . Come chill with us!
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Our Services

Magnified Healing TM
Magnified Healing® helps heal mind ,body and soul by co-creating energy with the flow from your Heart to the Source,The god most High of the Universe through your spiritual centers namely your chakras to the diamond at the center of earth, This resumes your ascension process.A High Frequency Energy Healing naturally heals and balances your Mind,Body and soul with activation of your central nervous system, distribution of calcium on your spine and balancing of your chakras,Balancing of Karma and activating all strands of your body. A complete healing and balancing of your mind,body and soul.
Shamanic Healing & Chakra Balance
Feel the earth elements heal your body and release any negative from the profound Shaman healing. Receive self insights after you session from connecting to Mother earth. Your certified healer will be using sound/ drums , elemental items and energy healing, .crystal and all of earth's energy to balance your total being. This is a incredible private session.
Reiki Energy Healing & Balance
Energy healing May include: Reiki, Rainbow, Light Tunnel TM and other modalities that your certified provider enjoys to enhance your body for total wellness and relaxation. They will align your Chakras, balance and cleanse your aura- to be clean and clear of negativity and negative vibrations. This is a private session that will amaze ,cleanse and balance & renew you!
Vibrational Sound Healing TM
Relax and release as your body on all ts levels accepts the frequencies to release, relax and accept positive. You will feel squeaky clean, and high vibes throughout to make you week incredible. This is a private session with our certified sound frequency healers. An array of sound tolls will be used such as crystal bowls, titanium bowls, tuning forks, and many other healing accessories to customize your session and needs.
High Vibes Crystal Healing TM
Only a certified crystal healer knows what crystals can synergize and harmonize to match your needs and goals. Allow one of our Crystal healers to guide and assist your healing processes to balance and adjust what is needed to get you where you need to be in your mindset, and your physical, emotional and spiritual aspirations. Relax and feel the energies of the crystal work with what your body needs, each session can be catered to your goals and aspirations, we will make sure you reaching that as you enjoy a zen session of crystal vibe bath! ps. You will get addicted! Crystals Rock!
Sound & Scents to Cord cut & Cord Connect™
Sound & Scents to Cord cut & Cord Connect™– Gently separating energetically from what no longer serves you ! - Energy Connection on the central spinal cord, aligning the chakras & activating the meridian system; integrating the power of spirit into the mind, heart, & body. Helps in reclaiming your personal power-through forgiveness, acceptance and self love.. Excellent for charging & clearing your inner core & releasing negative energies from your auric field. POWERFUL CLEANSE OF THE SOUL with Jolie DeMarco 90 minutes channeled Messages included.
Soul Talking Technique ™
Soul Talking Technique ™ A Five Star Experience! The human part of you connecting with the soul which is the pure “energy ‘of you. Syncing up to be whole. Soul Talking™ helps you release old patterns and voids that are keeping that ’stuck junk” in you– we will release them and then replace with positive energy. This is a guided intense energy service. You gotta want to change to rid yourself of these negatives. This is a guided meditation following Soul Talking techniques and further guidance for self-continued healing. This is a technique from Archangel Michael that was channeled through Jolie Demarco to share with the world. This is a 90 minute session.
30 Minute Channeled Reading with Jolie DeMarco

Our Staff

Andana Nelson
Jolie DeMarco
Richard Nemer
Crystal Healer- Sound Healing & Reiki Master-in sessions I help others to achieve self-healing and total relaxation for their mind, body and soul. Incorporating healing crystals, tuning forks and Native American Indian drumming in my sessions..
Su Singh
Magnified Healing® can help heal the etheric energy-body around human organs. It is an amazing experience.This speeds up physical healing and applies it to where it is most needed. Relaxing and Loving.