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Lash Extensions Silver Full Set

Eyelash classic full set silver includes an average of about 35 lashes per eye, This selection best suits the individual looking for a classic look to open up and brighten their eyes. Perfect for the flirty lash wearer.

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This service is offered for women. It includes as much or as little as you would like to take off. the front and back strip.

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Stomach Full

$45 · 15 minutes


$12 · 5 minutes


$14 · 5 minutes


$21 · 10 minutes


$12 · 10 minutes

Inner thighs

$15 · 5 minutes


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$12 · 5 minutes


$15 · 10 minutes


$12 · 5 minutes


$22 · 10 minutes


$15 · 5 minutes


$22 · 10 minutes

Lash Extensions Platinum Full Set

Eyelash classic Platinum full set include about 95 lashes per eye and provide a full look for a more dramatic eyelash appearance. This is for the all out glamour girl!

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Lash Extensions Gold Full Set

Eyelash classic gold full set include about 65 lashes per eye. Creating a full natural look, this selection best suits the individual desiring a signature look. Perfect for the person that normally enjoys a couple of coats of mascara! ( with this, you won't need it! Fills after 3wks we start a new set

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Stomach Strip

$12 · 5 minutes


We address your specific need and will focus on balancing and restoring the health and vitality of your particular skin type. This deep gentle cleansing of the pores and epidermis will change the way you look at your skin. This facial consists of vapor steam, extractions, exfoliation, masque, anti-aging products, moisturizer and environmental protection. Please contact us for more detail information about facial. All facials are customized.

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