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Tarot Reading on zoom

In this energy intuition session we set time aside for you to slow down, everything is for your highest good! I will connect to guides, and allow intuition You will experience a personalized tarot card reading. Rejuvenate your soul, relaxed your mind, and body. Unleash your personal power, connect to guides. Leave inspired about your life. Allow transformation to occur. Find your meaning in life. Can bill in 15 min sessions. text 808 765 8567

$65 · 30 minutes

Private Pilates Session

This is a 45 minute move at your own pace pilates. Great for beginners, the injured, if you are losing weight, or maintaining strength.

$65 · 45 minutes

INTEGRATED HEALING session 90 minutes

In this journey you will arrive dressed in clothing for yoga, something comfortable, warm. We will begin with checking in on your temple for highest good. We may go down a path of stretching for increasing flexibility, pilates, and yoga movements to enhance range of motion and strength of core. We may embark on conversation. We may have tea. We may do mediation, and creating.and breathe work. Chakra balancing with tuning forks, and energy will be infused into session, for a healing experience. Sound healing. Aromatherapy. best integrated bodywork possible. If you want we can do a tarot reading at the end. HIGHEST GOOD> You will leave feeling whole in your body, restored, renewed and at peace. total harmony. IF THE WEATHER IS NICE, WE WILL BE ON THE BULKHEAD, NEXT TO THE SEA. YOU CAN BLOCK THIS TIME FOR SKYPE AND FACETIME AND PHONE TOO

$180 · 1 hour 30 minutes

zoom sunset stretching group class Friday and Saturday at 6pm

Join us on your mat here on the bulkhead or via Instagram! donations accepted. text 808-765-8567 to schedule

$10 · 40 minutes

Maria Toro