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ESTATE PLANNING-Initial Consultation

Joan will provide answers to your estate planning questions regarding Wills and Trusts, address the benefits of Revocable Living Trusts, provide an overview of Will based planning, and provide information regarding your more specific needs or concerns during this initial free consultation.

Free · 1 hour

Trust Administration-Adminsiter Decedent's Trust

Administration of Decedent's Trust Estate.

Free · 1 hour

PROBATE-Administer Decedent's Estate-Initial Consultation

Informational Consultation regarding your Probate Matter. If retained, clients receive access to an online client portal to allow for ease of information flow between client and attorney, immediate online access to all documents drafted and those filed with the court, a client calendar showing events such as court hearings and meetings scheduled. Most clients never have to travel back and forth to the attorney's office, or to the court.

Free · 1 hour

EXISTING CLIENTS ONLY: In Office or Telephonic Meeting

EXISTING CLIENTS ONLY: Book directly to set up an office or telephonic meeting. Indicate preferred meeting: In Office, or Telephonic. Proved telephone number for telephonic meetings, and brief detail of purpose of meeting.

Free · 1 hour


Joan Watters