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BabySitter Finder LLC, offers a variety of services to individuals that have an interest or association within child care involvement.

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I am a Parent.. (general questions)
Are you a parent looking to get more information on how to find childcare? Please book an appointment, and we will contact you at your requested time. Even if you have general questions, please note that at the end of this booking request.
I am a Nanny/Babysitter.. (general questions)
Whether you are inquiring about how to become a Nanny or Babysitter with BabySitter Finder, or looking to apply for a specific job.. please click 'book an appointment', and we will answer your questions, or contact you at your requested time.
I run a Daycare/Babysitting Service.. (general questions)
Do you run a childcare service such as a Daycare, In-Home Daycare, or any other child-related service.. and are looking to ask about inquiring for help? Please click book an appointment, to ask any general questions that you may have, or we will contact you at your requested time if you are looking for a call back to discuss over the phone.
Current Clients
If you are a current client of BabySitter Finder, and want to discuss your current services, please book an appointment, and we will contact you at your requested time. Even if you have general questions, please note that at the end of this booking request.
Hire Professional Nanny
- Job Posting and Unlimited Nanny Resume Access Complete access to nanny postings and nanny resumes. - Nanny eMail BF can now access an exclusive Nanny eMail system. - Instant Messaging Ability to send a nanny an instant message straight from our account and chat live! - Run One Comprehensive Background Check State-of-the-art Comprehensive Background Checks. - Receive a Nanny Success Kit You'll be receiving a complete Nanny Kit. This kit includes materials you'll be able to use when interviewing your applicants. - Search A powerful search engine will be used to browse and read from over 6,150 nanny resumes, so we can quickly identify the best candidates for your family. - "Today's Matches" We will be notified daily by e-mail when new nannies matching your criteria are added to the database. - My Favorites Now allowed to manage our search process by keeping favorites in a personal list. We can also make notes and save lists for future use.
Occasional Membership Plan
The Occasional Membership Plan is a service for individuals who want to request a sitter from time-to-time or on occasion. This Membership covers the design and maintenance of the requestors profile. This plan requires a small fee of a one-time payment per year. Thereafter, you, as a Member, may visit at any time to request a sitter for whenever you need. We then receive the form request and search for your sitter. There is a one-time fee of $15 per booking/per day that you must pay prior to the arrival of your sitter.
Nanny/BabySitter Advertisement.. (ask about)
I have seen so many posts in all of the Facebook groups I am in,.. of Nanny's and Babysitters advertising their services to families in hopes of getting acknowledged by a parent and trying to grab their attention. What do you think of the idea of getting a professional FB together to not only get their attention, but to stand out above all the rest? One more awesome perk, we have a catalog of adorable pictures, icons, etc., that we can use. PRICING For just a one-time payment of $19.99, this will include 30 days of BabySitter Finder posting and advertising all over our web-based connections. Thereafter, for just a small monthly fee of $4.99/month, we will continue to advertise for you constantly. This includes posting on our BabySitter Finder Site, Google, etc. No strings attached, cancel anytime!
Daycare/In-Home Service Advertisement.. (ask about)
This is another great attribute that BabySitter Finder offers. Since we have SO many web-based connections, we can also advertise your Daycare, In-Home Daycare, etc., basically anything and everything you need a web page designed for! Statistically, we can reach up to a minimum of 4,000 people. This is a one-time payment of $15 then after 30 days, if you still would like advertisement, it will be $4.99/month. This Plan contains a one-time payment of $15.00. Thereafter, if you choose to continue your services, we will set you up to be billed at $4.99/month.
Webpage Design.. (ask about)
What better way to get the word out there, than to have a professional webpage created on your behalf?! We have a catalog available with tons of pictures and icons you could freely choose from for use on your site (that we'll add for you, of course, because that's why you're paying us!) You can provide examples of sites you may want yours to look similar to. We can do anything! Don't forget, we can add links, buttons, ... anything!! If you browse around BabySitter Finder and really look at the details of it all, that'll show you that we can do the same thing for you! I've also included screenshots of 'form fields' available to you for your use if you decide to create forms for your clients to fill out. PRICING The $99.99 package includes all web design, drafts, etc., If you choose to keep your webpage up and running, (which I highly suggest), The monthly fee of $7.99/month will begin after 30 days of your site going live and being published.
Customer Submission Forms.. (ask about)
Upon purchasing a Webpage-design service, what more of a productive way can there be to recruit new parents/clients to your business?!? You will receive a packet containing a list of fields that can be used and added to your form. From there, we will coordinate together by creating a draft. There are soooo many different options we could use to create your client form. To see an example of what your form may look like, visit BabySitter Finder's website and click on either the Family or Sitter Application. PRICING & IMPORTANT INFORMATION There is a one-time 'Form Design' fee of $49.99. Thereafter, is a reoccurring charge for service payment of $7.99/month. (Please click on 'Square Account' Link to register your e-mail account with us. You may Cancel your membership at anytime!)
Logo Design.. (ask about)
What's the very first thing people notice about a business, company, establishment, and even... a simple post across the web?! ... Yep... a Logo! BF can pretty much take whatever image you've imagined in your head, and bring it to life. Luckily, I have a bunch of choices containing icons and pictures in my catalog with such tremendous ideas!
BUNDLE & SAVE -Daycare Design Package
Want the full advantage? Purchase the 'Daycare Design Package' and SAVE! Get all the services you want and need to boost your business and get known! Included in package: ​Webpage Design ($100 value of one-time payment & $7.99/mnth membership) Daycare/In-Home Service Advertisement ($15 value of one-time payment & $4.99/mnth membership) Customer Submission Form ($49.99 value of one-time payment & $7.99/mnth membership) Logo Design ($30 value of one-time payment) PRICING Purchase and bundle your services for a one-time payment of only $175 & pay a monthly membership fee of $19.99/month (you may cancel your membership at anytime).​The monthly fee of $19.99/month will begin 30 days after your site going live and being published. IMPORTANT INFORMATION This is a reoccurring charge for service payment of $19.99/month. (Please click on 'Square Account' Link to register your e-mail account with us. You may Cancel your membership at anytime!)

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