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Our Services

Intuitive Energy Healing
In an Energy Healing Consultation, Dana uses dialogue and her intuitive gifts to help you align with your Spirit’s purpose. She helps you identify and work through problem areas in your life by bringing awareness to patterns and karmic issues. In these sessions, she can also help you identify some of the psychic gifts you may possess. She will assist you in cultivating self-awareness to bring light and healing to your past and present. This allows you the possibility to create the life you’re divinely meant to live. These sessions help you connect to your deepest desires while clearing limiting beliefs, emotional wounds, stagnation, and unhealthy patterns.
Intuitive Couples Healing
In a Couples Healing Consultation, Dana addresses the greatest concerns (emotional, physical, mental, and/or spiritual) of the couple. Utilizing her gifts, she helps identify stagnation, misunderstandings, and misalignment while fostering safe emotional connection and guiding both individuals toward deeper self-awareness. This can aid the couple to achieve a more loving, harmonious state. The goal is to help each individual honor his/her partner while lovingly expressing his/her needs.
Intuitive Executive Coaching
In an Executive Coaching Consultation, Dana helps you identify the energy you are bringing to your career that may have you feeling stuck or unhappy. These consultations can help you garner greater self-awareness that may result in you as a more effective leader, succeed in or find a new position, increase clarity and confidence, improve communication, gain a promotion, manage a business or team more effectively, or even create an entirely new career path.

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