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Brazilian (the new EX bikini)

No hair down there! Take off as much or as little hair as you like. Front & back, includes the beloved booty strip.

$55 路 15 minutes

Brow Wax

Skin is cleansed, brows are then mapped, trimmed, waxed and tweezed according to your unique facial features. Top off with a fill using powders that match your natural shade. Leaving you with nothing but natural full brows.

$18 路 10 minutes


Hair removed on both sides of the bikini area and along the top.

$45 路 15 minutes

Ultimate Brazilian

Front, back, booty, inner thigh and tummy trail!

$68 路 20 minutes

Tint + Wax

Brow wax with a richly pigmented brow tint with a slight skin stain lasting one week and up to four to six weeks. 100% worth it.

$43 路 20 minutes

Brazilian + Brow

Brazilian + Brow Wax

$73 路 25 minutes

Under Arms

$24 路 10 minutes

Bikini line

$39 路 10 minutes


Kelly Gamble