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Standard Initial Consultation

If you are interested in scheduling a consultation for a family law case, please use this to schedule an appointment. If you were referred by someone, please contact us directly to inquire about a discounted rate for the initial meeting.

$305 · 1 hour

Initial Consultation - Process Options

Not sure whether mediation, collaborative, arbitration, or litigation is the best fit for your case? Then this is a great place to start. No legal advice will be provided, but we will let you know the different options and provide you with information to help you make a determination about what is right for your family.

100 $100 · 30 minutes

Initial Consultation - Mediation Orientation

If you and your spouse are ready for mediation, this includes one 15 minute phone call or video chat with each party, as well as one 30 minute phone call/video chat with both parties and the mediator to establish the guidelines for moving forward.

$100 · 45 minutes

Recurring client

If you are a current client and need to schedule a phone call or video chat with Myah. If you need longer than 15 minutes, please book two spots in a row, or call us or email us to schedule directly.

Free · 30 minutes

Initial Consultation - Self-represented assistance

This is a short meeting to review what help you need and how much we think it will cost.

$100 · 30 minutes

Recurring self-help meeting

If you already have an agreement on file with us for self-represented assistance, please use this to schedule a follow up appointment.

$305 · 1 hour


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