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Keynote Speaking
High energy presentation ideal to stimulate group interaction with a powerful and meaningful message. The presentations are geared for youth within settings including conferences, retreats, workshops, social gatherings and educational forums
Virtual Summer Special (Introduction to Coding)
This course is a virtual learning course for students who want to gain a basic understanding of Coding. This edition is for beginners and will help prepare concepts of Coding. This is a kick-start course to aid and help train one to think and manage as a Developer.
Destiny Adams’ Coding Camp( Introduction to Robotics, Game Design & Web Development)
This course is a sample path outlined with three variations of Technology. Students will be introduced to Robotics while building, programming and developing structural designs of a robot. In addition, students will explore Game Design while recreating their personalized version of a popular video game. Lastly, students will experience Web Development while navigating through the components of a webpage and aiding in the creation of a webpage.
Destiny Adams’ Coding Camp (Python Edition)
This course is an introduction to one of the most popular and frequently used programming languages. Many popular sites were created on the foundation of this computer programming language. The students will learn the basic concepts of this language and will apply these skills while working on an individual project.
Destiny Adams’ Coding Camp (App Development Edition)
This course is designed to give participants a platform to explore the creation of application development. The participants will be introduced to this process using software that allows innovation and creativity. Ideas are transformed into an application through design.
Virtual Summer Special (Savvy Kids Code)
This course is a virtual learning course that introduces students to 3 of the most popular computer programming languages. HTML, CSS & Python are some of the most commonly used languages for beginners and experienced users. These languages have been used to create and design popular websites, games and apps. We will explore each language and some of its cool functionalities. Creativity will come to life in this course!

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