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Our Services

Facing a dilemma? Need some advice. Pick my brain! Together we will come up with solutions to anything business related. Even if your business isn't online based I got you covered?
Interior Design Consultation- In Person
I offer full-home or full-room design for furniture, rugs, lighting, window-treatments, art and accessories. I love the creativity of designing a full space from the big picture function and flow to the minute details. During the consultation — We meet for 45 minutes in your home or business and discuss your needs for the space, your lifestyle, your style, and all the details! After coming up with a budget for your project, I will send you a scope of work and contract (within one week). Deposit can be paid with cash, cashapp, or paypal.
Analyze my website
Do you already have a store and aren’t sure why you aren’t getting any sales? I will review your website and give you insight on what to do to create massive conversions. Don’t have a Shopify Store, no worries I can review any store and provide insight.
Business Consultation
**Initial Business Consultation must be scheduled first. Please book this after we have our Initial Business Consultation ** After your initial consultation, it’s time to hustle! During this call, we will come up with a personalized plan to help you reach your business’s goal and get the cash flowing in. You can ask any questions or ask for ways to improve your business.
Grow Instagram Following
A more credible Instagram page will help convert followers into paying customers. People trust Instagram pages that have a big following! This is not personal call. I will increase your brands following by 3-5,000+ followers. Your last 10 posts will receive 150-200 likes each.
How to find winning products consultation
The hardest part for me was figuring out what to sell! During this consult I will show you how I research products to ensure that not only the products are potential winners but I also show you how to find good suppliers on Aliexpress. As an added bonus, you can add me as a temporary employee in your Shopify store and after researching the hottest products I will upload products that are potential winners!
Initial Business Consultation
During this session, we will talk about your business and the direction you are looking to take. I will personally answer any questions you have. From here, you can schedule a follow up consultation. At that time, we will further discuss your business’s goals and I will aide you in developing a plan to reach them.
Let me build your website!
Creating a new website can be such a daunting task! Let me help you! I will create a professional branded website that is optimized on the back and front end for conversions. I only create stores using the Shopify platform. Turn around time for completed Shopify Store is 1-2 weeks. After store is completed we will schedule a 1 hour Google hangout session to go over the functions of the store and how to use them.
Profitable Facebook / Instagram Ads Consultation
Facebook has two billion monthly active users. That translates into a couple billion opportunities to grow our businesses. People are doing big business with Facebook advertising. How big? Advertisers spent $26 billion on Facebook ads in 2016—they only spent $22 billion on Google AdWords. I have been gettin 5-8% ROI running CBO ads through the business manager on FB. During this virtual session, I will assist you with creating profitable fb/ instagram ads for your business. Must have access to Google Hangouts, Internet connection, and have a Shopify account.
How to find reputable Suppliers
If you have never used Aliexpress before it can be intimidating. We have all heard the horror stories of how people order one product and receive something similar but lower quality. Are you confused about how drop shipping works? Having trouble finding reputable suppliers on Aliexpress? I will help navigate Aliexpress and show you how.
Store Ideas
Are you ready to get started drop shipping but not sure what kind of store to create? I can help. During this 45 min call, I will give you ideas on some of the most profitable types of stores you can create. If you already have some ideas, we will discuss your ideas potential.

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