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Please note that a video interview will be conducted to determine urgency of requested in-office visits. Home Visits are not available at this time. We are offering reduced-fee telehealth visits for lactation support, and we are confident we can help with most situations this way!

Please complete intake survey and consents before appointment, please, or leave 15 minutes to complete your intake before your appointment begins. Intake can be found at:

Please Note that Square will record your email address when booking, which we use for communications about your appointment and invoicing. If you'd like to book without your email being stored, please call us at 360-545-3356. If you'd like paper or snail-mailed communication, let us know!

**Please allow 30 minute window for home visits due travel time and traffic. Thank you.**
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Our Services

Lactation Consult: Initial Office Visit
A comprehensive evaluation and assessment of you and your nursling(s) in our cozy office in downtown Camas, WA. This will give you the option of booking as a home visit, but it is not a home visit. Please select the office as the location for this visit.
Touchpoint Teledoula Service Digital Interview
A digital doula on-call whenever you need! From a set prenatal point, through labor until a set postpartum point, you can text your teledoula and receive rapid responses (within the hour). Meet with your potential teledoula virtually, over phone, text, or video chat!
Lactation Consultation- Initial: Home Visit
**Please allow 30 minute arrival window due to visit overlap and potential traffic.** If you baby is very hungry, do feel free to feed them! Service area: Lacey, WA to Salem, OR.
Lactation Consult: Follow Up Office Visit
A follow up visit to check in on progress and adjust plan of care as needed. Requires initial visit (home or office) on file.
Lactation Consultation- Follow Up: Home Visit
Requires previous initial visit with Doula My Soul, llc on file. **Please allow 30 minute arrival window due to visit overlap and potential traffic.** If you baby is very hungry, do feel free to feed them! Service area: Lacey, WA to Salem, OR.
Weight Check: Office Visit
A 30 minute check-in to ask quick questions and have baby weighed before & after feeding. If you have more than a few questions, or have complex questions, please book a full consult.
Online Consult
A great way for clients at a distance to check in about care plans!
Belly Binding (includes batik binding cloth)
Traditional bengkung belly binding is the art of wrapping a newly postpartum mother in a firm but gentle brace made form soft cloth. The batiked cotton is breathable where the elastic postpartum support belts are not. The support for the core and back is excellent, and the healing salve offers gentle relief on the lower back. The upright posture promoted by the bind actually can quicken recovery and prevent shoulder & neck aches while breastfeeding.
Birth Doula Services: Meet & Greet
This is an interview to see if we are a good fit to work together! The $25 interview fee can be applied to your deposit if we enter into a client contract.
Birth Doula Services: Prenatal Appointment
If you're booking this appointment, we've already met & signed a contract for doula services! If we haven't done that, schedule a Meet & Greet appointment first!
Postpartum Doula Care: 4h Service Daytime
After a lactation plan of care has been established, you'll transition to our postpartum care team. We'll cover newborn care, lactation challenges & questions, and rest & respite for family.
Private Class
Doula Says Relax (3hr) A birth prep class for parents with minimal "woo.”
Postpartum Doula Care: 8h Service Nighttime
Nighttime postpartum doula care includes infant care, lactation support, facilitating evening feeds and parent sleep, and overnight meal prep for next day (if desired).
Postpartum Doula Care 8h: Daytime
Postpartum doula care can make a huge difference in your recovery! From shortened healing times, reduced rates of postpartum depression and anxiety, increased parent self-efficacy, to a better overall sense of well-being in a family unit. The benefits are immediate and long-lasting.
Birth Doula Service: Postpartum Follow Up
Birth Doula Deposit

Our Staff

Bryna Sampey
Bryna has been working with families since 2006, and became an IBCLC in 2010. She has expertise in complex cases.
Kelly Turner
Kelly is an experienced birth & postpartum doula serving the Portland Metro & SW Washington areas. She is an excellent teacher and has a huge heart.
Malia Silverthorne
Meghan Reed
Meghan has been an IBCLC since 2011, she has an off-grid farm in SW WA, and specializes in tandem nursing and older nurslings- but she loves helping in every stage of lactation. She has two kids and has a goal to sustainably grow all their family's food on their farm.
Robyn Bibb
Robyn is a professional doula based out of Vancouver, Washington. She has a decade of experience working with infants in early childhood education. When not working with families, she loves spending time outdoor with her family.
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