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Doing our very best support you during your pregnancy, empower you in birth and to teach you how to heal yourself. Arvigo Therapy® Maya Abdominal Massage, Spinning Babies® Aware Practitioners, Scar Tissue Remediation, Labor Whispering®, and midwifery services now available.
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Our Services

Spinning Babies® Aware Practitioner Prenatal & PostPartum BodyWork
Problem-focused, if you got a problem yo well solve it, or at least help you understand what's going on and provide guidance and probably a referral for what's next. How did we get to this skill level? Years of working with pregnant bodies, our anatomy nerdiness, and recently became Spinning Babies® Aware Practitioners (SpBAP) which means advanced training with the Spinning Babies® folks to learn advanced bodywork skills for fetal positioning, comfortable pregnancy and easier childbirth. Needing to soothe and chill out? Oh, that's good, we can do that too. oh, you are postpartum with something going on that needs to be addressed? Alrighty, let's get you fixed up. Especially if you have tailbone pain, back pain, some of these things can linger on after birth and can be tricky to address, but lucky for you we have the skillz.
Breech Release & ECV Prep
Many times the work we do leads a baby to flip, if it can with ease. How did we learn? Both Mary and I are trained as Spinning Babies® Aware Practitioners, from the good folks at We went through extra education focused on releasing muscles and ligaments that might be tight and restricting. This often creates space that either allows for a spontaneous turn or increases your chance for a successful ECV, like waaaaaaay increases your likelihood. *So say we are doing our moves and either baby flips on own, or later that day or night. Sometimes it be like that. Sometimes it isn't. As Nicole Morales likes to say, "babies have inside information" #spinningbabies #spinningbabiesawarepractitioner
Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy ® first apppointment
First session,
Scar Remediation and Healing Support
Surgical birth, top surgery, cervical scar or pelvic floor, no worries we can get you on the road to healing up. I took the STREAM training (Scar Tisue Remediation ) with Ellen Heed and Kimberly Ann Johnson,, so I learned from the BEST. Don't believe me? Look em up! For strategizing finances, I'll need to see you at least twice. And while I can do most massage holding a baby, this is not one of them. So you are going to need to bring childcare, or come solo. Recent price increase cause I'm sending you home with all the shizzle you need to make your castor oil packs. Get the party STARTED!
Labor Whispering
Let us DO ALL THE THINGS! to get this party started! ps you gotta be at least 39 weeks cause otherwise it won't work and you will tank the stats. Got a special scenario? Leave us a note in the comments when you book your appointment. Alert! If you need a pelvic exam, make sure and book with Rowan and there will be an additional $25 fee for internal work
Loss Services
Y'all. So many people miscarry. So many folks get pregnant and for whatever reason choose not to stay pregnant. Both of these scenarios have impact emotionally, physically, mentally, and possibly spiritually (if that's how you roll.) Care during and after a pregnancy loss, planned or unplanned, plus aftercare because the body and mind have a postpartum period, often unacknowledged. Schedule of care one in office bodywork and support session, one home visit (if necessary,) text support during the loss, and one office postpartum visit. One in office bodywork and support session text support during the loss, one home visit (if necessary) one in office postpartum visit. Labs (billed to insurance or at negotiated cash pay rate, so an additional fee) Fee Structure, $700, paid at the first office visit. Our goal is to support you as naturally and effectively as possible and i cannot offer advice or medical guidance unless you are an established pt. Note~ I am not a licensed termination provider, that is not within my scope of practice. What is within my scope of practice is to be kind, offer support, and assist you in returning to homeostasis, mind and body. handy zine, and a big thank you to The Doula Project! ~
Meet the Midwife, Interview!
Am I the midwife for you? Let's find out! Bring your questions, bring your peeps, lets meet and see if we are a fit. Right now we are meeting virtually while we figure out what kind of care you need. I will send you a Zoom link for our consultation. Please have Zoom downloaded on your well-charged device and a quiet room. Lets's do this!
Massage By Mary: The massage everyone is talking about
People are talking, you are wanting. Understandable.
Plan C(are) ~ 1st Tri Pregnancy Care
Plan C(are) ~ 1st Tri Pregnancy Care ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The first tri standard of care is shittttttyyyyyyyyyy. Open any fetal development book, all the big stuff goes down before most folks even know what's up or see a provider. I'll help you navigate what you can be doing beyond taking some random prenatal vitamins and polling your friends for opinions on social media. In each visit I'll educate you on some of the trickier parts of the first trimester instead of ignoring it or just doing what your sister/grandma/neighbor did, thoughtful conversations, questions are answered with factual medical knowledge and emotional support to help you craft the pregnancy you want. And let's answer those questions, run any labs you may need, and really strategize for the most healthy and satisfying pregnancy possible. What this service offers ~ Excellent care from the onset, setting you up for the best pregnancy possible. Pregnancy confirmation labs, nutrition counseling, options on how to achieve the best outcome for this pregnancy, referrals for a provider fit. Text support for the "Is this normal" type of questions that don't require an office visit but do need an educated response. FAQ ~ When do I start care? As soon as you know you are pregnant. What if I miscarry? Then we flow into the loss protocols What if I terminate? We use the loss protocols, and I encourage you to use and if no access is available here is a recent article that may be of use I am not licensed to assist, but I can help with the aftercare. What if I want to switch providers? This is kinda the premise we are working with, that this is a stop-gap service. At the end of our time I send your records to your new provider and are grateful for the work we did together. Do I pay upfront or what? An initial deposit of $600 covers your communication fee ($300), first appointment ($250), and gets you established into care (Admin fee $50). After that its pay by appointment ($200) until you get transferred to a new provider at 16 weeks. What if I want to stay with you? We can make that work! Check out our global midwifery services.
I've Been Gifted!
Someone who clearly thinks you are awesome has given you a session with me. Make sure to tell me their name in the comment section so I can reach out to them*, also comment on what you want to work on together, and I look forward to seeing you soon! *No name of the gifter equals no session.
I Can't Quit You Rowan!
You know who you are.
BirthWorker Rate Session w/Mary
Hello sweets! Are you an HTX Doula, Midwife, or Apprentice/Midwifery Assistant? I'd like to help you care for yourself with a discounted rate*. Come and see me sometime💗~ Mary * This is an offering specific to Mary.
Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy ® Follow Up!
This is a session after we have done the primary session.
TLC Prenatal Massage
A client of the TLC doula group? This means your doula is either Jessica Gonzales, Amanda Moore, Dori Jordan, Rachel Stonebrook, Kathleen Wilson, orJoli Ammons. Great! $125 for a session with Mary, and $150 when you see Rowan.
Already Paid Yo
This is for my peeps that already paid up front, package style. THANKS boo!
I love LIZ!!!!
Liz Shittu ONLY. Sorry other Lizzes, you are out of luck. Except FOR LIZZO OMG YES. Lizzo and Liz, this is for you. PS. pic of Lizzo at iHeartRadio Jingle Ball 2019 Copyright Trish Badger If you are in Houston, hire Trish.

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