Preggers Can Be Choosers

Doing my very best support you during your pregnancy, empower you in birth and to teach you how to heal yourself. Mayan Abdominal massage and midwifery services now available.
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Our Services

Scar Remediation and Healing Support
Surgical birth, top surgery, cervical scar or pelvic floor, no worries we can get you on the road to healing up. I took the STREAM training (Scar Tisue Remediation ) with Ellen Heed and Kimberly Ann Johnson,, so I learned from the BEST. Don't believe me? Look em up!
Meet the Midwife, Interview!
Am I the midwife for you? Let's find out! Bring your questions, bring your peeps, lets meet and see if we are a fit. I do consults on Tuesdays and Saturdays, these are also the days I would see you for your prenatal and postpartum appointments.
Arvigo Mayan Abdominal Massage
2 session commitment, paying up front for both sessions.
Labor Whispering
Lets DO ALL THE THINGS! to get this party started! ps you gotta be at least 39 weeks cause otherwise it wont work and you will tank my stats.
I Can't Quit You Rowan!
You know who you are.
Already Paid Yo
This is for my peeps that already paid up front, package style. THANKS boo!
Beth F Chicken Liver Special
So. you don't really want to know the deatils.
Placenta Encapsulation
Wanna eat your placenta?! Totally rad. $250 for encapsulation, $200 Raw prep, $300 truffles. $25 dollar pick up and delivery, inside the loop. Your doula may want to drop it off to me, so we can make that work too.
I love LIZ!!!!
Liz Shittu
Prenatal, Primary
Primary midwifery prenatal appointment. We review and sign financial contracts, discuss testing, decide the vision of your care, and do lab work. Also includes regular prenatal care like measuring fundus, listening to baby etc.
Prenatal Appt
Regular prenatal appointment where we review what's going on, have teaching points, and measure and listen to baby.
2 day Postpartum visit
We check on you and baby, assess bleeding, see how breastfeeding is going, weigh baby, do screening for deadly heart defects and also round one of metabolic screening,
Postpartum visit
In office at two weeks and six weeks, more if necessary.

Our Staff

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