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Base Repair

Hit a couple rocks last time out? Let us show you how to fill in your scratches with ptex and make your ski bases good as new!

6-pack · 1 hour

Consultations - Mapping + Planning

Ever wonder how to plan out a backcountry tour? We'll teach you the basics of trip planning using an online desktop tool such as Gaia or Caltopo. We'll discuss trip timing, buffers, and dive into the software to help you better understand tour planning.

Pizza+Beer · 2 hours

Skin Fitting

Brand new skins? We can teach you how to cut and size your skins to properly fit your skis

6-pack · 1 hour

Base Wax

The BBB Ski Shop Original. We'll teach you how to wax your skis so that they slide nice and smooth across that gloppy Cascadian cement.

6-pack · 1 hour

Consultation - Gear

Overwhelmed by all the options? Want to understand the difference between frame bindings and pin bindings? We're hear to answer all your gear questions and help make recommendations to point you in the right direction

6-pack · 1 hour 30 minutes


Will Russack