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Our Services

Car Not Starting
Key will turn but car will not start
Check Engine Light Is On
If your check engine light is on, please don't ignore it. We can help!
I’m not sure of the problem
Not sure, need Diagnostics
Air Conditioning Diagnostics
Check air conditioning for leaks, freon level, duty cycles
Air Conditioning Freon Refill
Fill Air Conditioning Compressor with correct amount of Freon and Compressor Oil
Brake Diagnostics
Brake Diagnostics Check Pads, Calipers, Retainers, Fluid, Master Cylinder, Seals, Lines
Battery, Charging System Diagnostics
Check Battery Condition, Alternator Charging Cycle
Coolant System Diagnostics (overheating)
We will pressure test your entire system and inspect every aspect of it to determine the issue.
Electrical System Diagnostic
Check electrical system malfunctions
Fluid, Belt, Engine Component Check
Check all fluids, Belts, Hoses, Leaks etc.
Fuel System Diagnostics
Fuel Pump Operation, Fuel to Air Ratio, Injector Proficiency
Steering Diagnostics
Check: Tires, Tie Rods (Inner & Outer), Control Arms & Bushings, CV Joints, CV Boots, Axle.
Vehicle Operating Diagnostics
Scan Health of Vehicle Produce Report Produce Solutions to Issues

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