If you have a fever, feel sick, or have come in contact with someone sick please reschedule promptly and the full payment will be transferred to your new date. Wearing a mask is mandatory, our work station is also thoroughly disinfected after each use. Our payments have always been processed through our no contact system. Thanks, and stay safe!

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1. One Hand

Luxurious henna design from Wrist to Finger on One Hand.

Text Us To Confirm Location $35 · 30 minutes

3. Upper Arm

Luxurious henna design from starting above your elbow to your Bicep. Per hour rate $75.00

$75 · 55 minutes

3. Henna Rings

Luxurious henna designs on all ten fingers (no hand designs). We call these finger designs: Henna Rings. Having the look of designed rings from henna.

$50 · 45 minutes

5. Forearm Design

Luxurious henna design from above your Wrist to Elbow.

$75 · 55 minutes

6. Shoulder Design

Luxurious henna design on One Shoulder.

$75 · 55 minutes

2. Both Hands

Luxurious henna designs on BOTH Hands from Wrist to Finger.

starting at $40.00 $60 · 55 minutes


Chris Tina Depina