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Speak about new business.

Free · 20 minutes


Price Varies According to time Requested · 30 minutes

Paid Consult (Initial consult completed)

This is the beginning (discovery) consult on any new project.

Starting at $250 · 1 hour

Texting Services

Create a custom text to give, email list building, or electronic business card with SMS Einstein (our affiliate). Call us for your project today!

Price Varies · 2 hours

Planning Session

This time is booked to start to create and draft a plan to move forward with your specific project. Depending on the need, the time can be adjusted.

Price Varies · 2 hours

Contract/Agreement Consultation and Creation

GE Riley has created many documents for clients to ensure their projects are covered with a legally binding agreement. Let us help you cover your interests.

Starting at $385 · 6 hours


This is a service offered for a large group, usually new to GE Riley. It will consist of 25-30 minutes of content and time for Q+A.

Free · 1 hour

Website Design, Maintenance, and Hosting

We design mobile responsive, high converting, beautiful branded websites for any business.

Starting at $797 · 1 hour

Randall Hurt

Randall Hurt, Sr. is a seasoned operations executive. He started in management in 1989; retail stores, music production companies (Percy Bady, Tommie Harris-8 years) and a host of other Fortune 100 corporate entities.