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Herbal Steam Therapy Plan Consultation

An online assessment is recommended all first-time steaming clients (including at-home yoni steam purchases) to gain knowledge of your health history and current experiences. Upon completion, you will receive a 3-month Steam Plan and a Monthly Cycle Analysis appropriate to the results of your assessment to enhance your trajectory towards wellness.

$21.95 · 30 minutes

Doula Support Consultation

Free · 20 minutes

Herbal Steam Therapy Initial Session

(30 min consultation + 30 min steam) *Please budget atleast 60 minutes for your initial steam session to allow for an assessment of past and current health experiences, concerns and a discussion of your desired outcome for service. This herbal womb cleanse is a combination of herbs and steam adopted from the aged, holistic practice from the Mayan, Native American, African, Asian and Carribean cultures. Clients are seated on a hand crafted sauna and covered in a steam cape to help contain the steam and allow for the heat to penetrate vaginal tissues. Steam is generated by the use of a steam pot containing the herbs. The detox process contributes to the overall wellness of the vagina and reproductive system as well as keep you connected to your powerful creative center.

$80 · 1 hour

Follow-Up Herbal Steam Session

Follow Up sessions are usually between 30-45 minutes and follows the protocol set forth during the initial steam session and allows for the opportunity to modify the plan depending on how the body responds.

$62 · 45 minutes

Fertility Therapy

The therapeutic effects of vaginal steaming aids as a uterine lavage or internal cleanse of the membranes that accumulates incompletely flushed debris and fluids from cycle to cycle to increase fertility.

$88 · 55 minutes

Womb Wellness Therapy

Vaginal Steaming is a gentle, yet, highly effective self-care tool used by women across the globe for gynecological issues, overall womb wellness and a detoxification of your nether parts.

$68 · 45 minutes

Cycle Regulation Therapy

From initial onset to post-menopause, Vaginal Steaming is an essential self-care tool for women. Benefits include (not limited to) helping rid of cycle stagnation, regulation of irregularities and reduction of pain associated with cycles.

$75 · 50 minutes

Postpartum Herbal Steam Therapy

a blend of modalities to support postpartum recovery. Appropriate for women after childbirth, miscarriage or abortion.

$88 · 50 minutes

SIP + Steam Soiree

A service provided for up to 10 of your girlfriends to experience a sip and steam customized event. Please contact us for consultation and scheduling.

Price Varies · 2 hours 30 minutes

Self-Care Sunday at HB Extension Bar Smyrna

What's a salon experience without a self-care option? We've partnered with Akuvi Styles, Master Microlink Specialist + Salon Owner to offer herbal steam therapy services, herbal steam blends and educational resources concerning holistic women's health.

$68 · 35 minutes

Vaginal Steam Therapy Session for 2

Session will accompany 2 for a therapeutic, empowering wellness session. Clients will be provided an initial intake and optional steam therapy plan for continued care.

$78 · 45 minutes

Advanced Herbal Steam Therapy Package

To achieve the best possible outcomes, regular steam sessions are highly recommended. This package is inclusive of 3 follow-up sessions, bi-weekly monitoring and steam plan modifications (as appropriate).

$150 · 45 minutes


Wendi is a certified vaginal steam practitioner and is passionate about the health of women.She enjoys working with women throughout all stages of life and empowers women to become advocates of their health.