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Luv Your Yoni offers vaginal steaming products and services committed to transforming the world through women's wellness.
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Our Services

Herbal Steam Therapy Plan Consultation
An online assessment is recommended all first-time steaming clients (including at-home yoni steam purchases) to gain knowledge of your health history and current experiences. Upon completion, you will receive a 3-month Steam Plan and a Monthly Cycle Analysis appropriate to the results of your assessment to enhance your trajectory towards wellness.
Follow-Up Herbal Steam Session
Follow Up sessions are usually between 30-45 minutes and follows the protocol set forth during the initial steam session and allows for the opportunity to modify the plan depending on how the body responds.
SIP + Steam Soiree
A service provided for up to 10 of your girlfriends to experience a sip and steam customized event.
Self-Care Sunday at HB Extension Bar Smyrna
What's a salon experience without a self-care option? We've partnered with Akuvi Styles, Master Microlink Specialist + Salon Owner to offer herbal steam therapy services, herbal steam blends and educational resources concerning holistic women's health.
Postpartum Herbal Steam Therapy
a blend of modalities to support postpartum recovery. Appropriate for women after childbirth, miscarriage or abortion.
Advanced Herbal Steam Therapy Package
To achieve the best possible outcomes, regular steam sessions are highly recommended. This package is inclusive of 3 follow-up sessions, bi-weekly monitoring and steam plan modifications (as appropriate).
Vaginal Steam Therapy Session for 2
Session will accompany 2 for a therapeutic, empowering wellness session. Clients will be provided an initial intake and optional steam therapy plan for continued care.

Our Staff

Wendi is a certified vaginal steam practitioner and is passionate about the health of women.She enjoys working with women throughout all stages of life and empowers women to become advocates of their health.

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