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$31.30 · 30 minutes

Kids Cut (5-12 yrs)

5-12 years of age. We do not offer services for children under the age of 5.

$27.83 · 30 minutes

Buzz + Super Shaver

$24.35 · 25 minutes


$20 · 20 minutes

Tidy Up

A quick service to clean up around the ears and back of the neck.

$17.39 · 20 minutes



Rob has been cutting hair since the turn of the century. When he's not at the shop or hanging with his family, he can be found playing pickup hockey or making a racket with his band. Rob is currently saving up for NHL Gamecenter in the hopes of a long playoff run for the Blue Jackets.


Ryan Hahn

As meticulous as he is tall (quite) Ryan has been a great addition to the Saint Lou's team. While his dad jokes are increasing, so to are his offspring. (Congratulations buddy). Ryan is currently saving his money for a longer pair of pants.



T-Rav as he’s affectionately known (to Rob) is a talented and methodical barber. When he’s not cutting hair you can usually find him spoiling his two dogs. Travis is currently saving his money for a seatbelt cover to protect himself on his long, hot, shirtless summer drives.



With how clean Willie’s lines are, it’s hard to believe that his guitar tone could be so dirty (some would even say FILTHY!). He is currently saving his money for a rag to cleanse his guitar strings of all of those blood sweat and tears.