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Computer Consulting

Computer Consulting, hourly rate.

$60 · 1 hour

"Stop 'Em Dead!"

Here at Phillips Design, we really specialize in computer disinfection and protection. And when we say specialize, we mean it! Earl Phillips has been in the computer infection game literally since the first web-based virus came out, and has kept up ever since. Our computer disinfection service is very comprehensive, taking typically 24 hours to completely disinfect and properly protect a computer. Don’t worry, we figured out a way to make this affordable to everyone with an infected computer! The cost is only $125.00 per computer! And, when we’re done, your computer will be “whistle clean” with no data loss!

$125 · 23 hours 55 minutes

Comprehensive Computer Testing

Ever wonder if your computer hardware is weakening or ready to give up the ghost? Got a big job looming, or a computer that you/your business relies on on a daily/constant basis? Would you like some reassurance that things are “good to go” or maybe would like to know if you need to plan on a replacement? Good news! Phillips Design has added a new Comprehensive Computer Testing service!

$125 · 23 hours 55 minutes


Earl Phillips