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Crystal Dreaming session (one on one)

Crystal Dreaming is an advance crystal healing technique which uses a unique Mandala of crystals laid around the body, The power trigger a shift in your consciousness into an "altered state" where a shamanic journey or Crystal Dreaming occurs. I will facilitate you on a profound journey into the superconscious, where you can connect with your heart (spirit) and find answers. In this space profound emotional , physical and spiritual healing can occur. Every journey is unique and sacred. Once you booked , I will text or email you to send you additional information and the exact address of the venue.

$122 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Akashic Record Reading (online)

I do it one on one or online , we can use FB messenger. I will briefly give you further information . We will meditate first, ground ourselves and when you are ready, then I will open your Akashic Record , if you are very receptive you will be able to see, feel or hear, I will guide you and be able to release, cutting of cords or do healing yourself. Have you been living a life of repeated patterns that you wish you could finally let go of and move forward ? Would you like to understand where the core wounding and issue stems from ? The Akashic Records is an energetic library that holds the memory of all of our Soul life experiences. It provides information that can support you in your journey of self discovery by revealing your past soul life experiences that show your strengths and challenges. On a cellular memory level you will remember these lives and connect with each story and the qualities of your soul will be the same in each experience. Anyone can access their Akashic Records and when given permission you can also access others. When we access the Records we connect with the Lords who oversee the Library and convey the information. In an Akashic Record Reading we will open up the Akashic Records through an intentional prayer. You will be given an opportunity to ask 3-5 main questions about specific areas in your life that you'd like more clarity around. For example....your health, relationships, family, direction, career, finances, soul connections to others, soul purpose etc... The information is channeled through the reader and the participant is welcomed to write or record what is expressed. As the story opens you are welcome to ask more questions to delve further into the story. During the Reading we will be given past soul life experiences that relate to where the issue has stemmed from . This is the part of your story that needs healing so you can move forward and let go of this reoccurring story. We discuss how the information is relevant to your current life and talk about the ways the information resonates with you. The Healing connects you to your past soul lives that have had strengths and abilities to overcome the presenting issues covered in the Reading. We set an intention to let go of the old ways of responding and bring in to the cellular memory the positive qualities, strengths and abilities you have lived in other past soul lives. These come into the forefront of your memory within the cells of your body and you adopt these new ways of responding after the healing. We welcome any guides, angels, higher beings and those who have passed over that you are closely connected to in spirit world to assist in the healing. This is very powerful and transformational. It reaches the core point of where the healing needs to take place. The healing has a ripple effect of healing your current life situation allowing you to adopt a new way of living. After this in depth reading we close the Akashic Records through a verbal prayer. Book your spot today Send me a message here or pass it on to someone that might benefit from this .

$99 · 1 hour 15 minutes

Intuitive Channel Reading (online)

Psychic Channeled readings are done without the use of cards, these are clear, loving guidance directly coming from your Guides. These are not fortune telling but rather a Guidance . The reading can show perspective, possibilities and will remind you that you have your own power. Readings will empower you as it leads you to love, light and awakening. A beautiful way for you to get in touch with your Higher Self and receive guidance from your Spiritual Guides.

$88 · 1 hour

Joy Dibella