Dear Valued Customers, Unfortunately, due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak we are temporarily closed. We anticipate opening May 1st, which you are welcome to pre-book for, but we will follow our state's guidelines about when it is safe. This is a difficult time for our business, so we thank you for your patience and support. Please see our gift certificate special in the following link - buy a $100 gift card, and we'll add $15 onto it! Consider gifting it to your favorite nurse, doctor, or hospital staff - they are our true heroes through all of this and will NEED some TLC! Thanks, and stay safe!

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Reverie Beauty and Bodywork

Reverie Beauty and Bodywork was founded in 2016 by Licensed Massage Therapist and Esthetician, Brooke Claassen. Brooke has worked in some of Colorado's best spas and massage centers since 2005, providing mindful massages, detoxifying treatments, luxurious facials, and beauty services. Through providing quality beauty services and massage, Reverie Beauty and Bodywork's mission is to help clients return to the best versions of themselves in the midst of a stressful world.
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Our Services

Schedule Pick-Up for a Gift Certificate or Product
Schedule a time to stop in for a Gift Certificate or Product purchase - can't wait to see you! :-)
MARCH-APRIL: Pick 3 Spring Break Package: $130
You deserve a Spring Break (Save $35!). Includes a voucher for an energy-boosting B12 shot from Estes Park Acupuncture as well. Pick 3 by LISTING YOUR CHOICES IN THE APPOINTMENT NOTES SECTION in the online booking process. /// CHOOSE 1 75-minute MASSAGE: *Reverie Blend Massage (customized, includes options of hot stones, essential oils, 1 area CBD lotion, cupping) *Skin Soother Massage (includes body dry brushing and our custom oil blend to hydrate dry skin along with an any-pressure massage) /// CHOOSE 1 ENHANCEMENT: *Back Steam & Scrub (cleanses and exfoliates your back) *Ayurvedic Facial Massage (natural face lift effect) /// CHOOSE 1 PARAFFIN TREATMENT: *For Hands *For Feet
Rose Repose Massage
Rose has been studied for its ability to lower stress hormones, and has been proven to be a natural anti-depressant. We have created the Rose Repose Massage to lift the spirits, and lower stress levels - while providing an amazing massage experience from face to feet!  This 90-minute massage and skin treatment starts with a dry brushing to stimulate lymph and cellular renewal, and remove dead skin cells. Then, a massage with our custom-blended rosehip seed oil, coconut oil, shea butter, and pure Rose essential oil. An Ayurvedic facial massage as well as a lower leg and foot exfoliation with hot towel foot wrap is included. Take home a Rose aromatherapy shower bomb to continue the experience at home!
Reverie Blend Massage
Designed to be the perfect customized massage for you, we accommodate any pressure preference*, and incorporate a blend of hot stones, cupping, CBD lotion (1 area), and/or essential oils. Let your therapist know your ideal blend or let her choose the perfect combination for you! *For a Deep Tissue massage, and especially those who feel they never get enough pressure - see Ashiatsu Deep Tissue Barefoot Massage!
Ashiatsu (Deep Tissue) Barefoot Massage
ASHIATSU: Ashi (foot) -atsu (pressure) is a deep, painless form of barefoot massage that you will absolutely love. Deep enough to relax every fiber of your being, yet a completely gentle application of broad pressure, this is the perfect massage for anyone who feels they never quite get enough pressure. Ashiatsu is also known as "the deepest, most luxurious massage on the planet". During this massage, your therapist will glide clean, soft feet along your back and legs - it feels like you are receiving the most satisfyingly deep massage from giant hands. Clients comment that the tension-relieving benefits of Ashiatsu massage last longer than other modalities.
Infused Massage
Our Infused Massage utilizes a custom-made blend of 100mg of CBD isolate, essential oils, and carrier oils that will best benefit your skin - these may include hemp oil, coconut oil, hazelnut oil, kukui nut oil, argan oil, evening primrose oil, or pomegranate seed oil. Hot stones or cupping are also incorporated to enhance results. ​The CBD Isolate that is used is what remains when all plant material except CBD is removed in the processing of cannabis. Considered the purest form of CBD, users like the isolate's quality control factor, and lack of THC. In other words, there is absolutely no THC in - and therefore no psychoactive effect, from our CBD isolate! ​Our skin contains many receptors that cannabinoids like CBD interact with to initiate signaling pathways. Most of these receptors modulate pain and inflammation in the skin. These receptors are found all over the body as well, and cannabinoids interact with them in different ways to promote healing. This is why CBD applied topically can be so helpful in relieving pain and inflammation. In this massage, we create your custom CBD blend, use it for your massage, and send you home with the rest!
Skin Soother Massage
A perfect massage for both tension reduction and lasting hydrating benefits to the skin! This massage starts with a thorough body dry-brushing to slough off dry, dead skin cells and stimulate circulation, then a full body massage addressing all areas of stress using a skin-nourishing combination of Coconut and Shea butter, Kukui Nut Oil (high in vitamin E), and Neroli Essential Oil. Skin is left restored - perfect for before / after sun exposure, or during the dry and itchy winter months.
Enhancements for Massage & Facials
Our massages and facials are designed to be totally customizable to satisfy what your mind, body and spirit craves. Peruse our enhancements to create your own Reverie!
Skincare Consultation with 15-minute Mini Facial
With all the products out there, finding the right ones for your skin can be confusing. Come in for a 30 minute consultation so we can find the best products to suit your skin goals, and talk about where to start with a healthy at-home and professional treatment regimen. During this consultation, we will give you a 15-minute mini facial using Rhonda Allison products so you can feel the difference that professional skincare can make!  30 minutes: $30 (Free with any skincare purchase of $75).  ​ ​
Signature Reverie Facial
Your skin deserves this completely customized skin-pampering facial utilizing an array of techniques that may include: microdermabrasion, dermaplaning, enzymes/acids, extractions, Ayurvedic facial massage, LED Phototherapy, high frequency, renewing eye mask, warm-mitts hand treatment, custom mask, a 15-minute hot stone back massage, and/or arm & hand massage....HEAVENLY! The longer duration you choose, the more custom options we can fit into your skincare session! *New to facials? Choose the 60-minute version - the perfect first-timer facial!
Tranquility Stress-Relief Facial
*65-minute version begins with a 15-minute hot stone back massage to melt muscular tension.  ​This soothing, relaxing experience is all about massage, offering an escape from daily chaos, and at the same time giving skin a healthy dose of nutrients and moisture. The experience is deepened with custom aromatherapy, steamed towel compresses, and Gua Sha acupressure facial massage. Gua Sha is a Traditional Chinese Medicine massage technique that stimulates acupressure points in the face to stimulate your skin's anti-aging processes by increasing circulation and lymph drainage. With  every step of this restorative facial incorporating massage, you'll leave glowing and in a total state of blissful reverie!  *Recommended for those with sensitive skin.  *This facial does not include extractions, microdermabrasion, or dermaplaning. 
Mountain-Man Grooming Facial - 75 minutes
*90-minute version begins with a 15-minute hot stone back massage to melt muscular tension.  Designed with Men's high-altitude skin and grooming needs in mind, this facial starts with a basic cleanup of brows, nose and ear hair, including tweezing, trimming, and/or waxing. Followed by a relaxing and detoxifying facial that will nourish skin, treat signs of aging, and soothe the effects of shaving and sun exposure. Includes cleansing, hot towels, exfoliation, pore cleansing, deep facial massage, toning mask, and hydration.  
Blemish Control Facial
See blemishes disappear with this corrective treatment using the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory power of Blue LED, green tea, hydrogen peroxide, benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid. Your ally against acne lesions, this is a great facial to provide just the right balance of hydration and acne control. ​
Nano Infusion Facial
The Nano Infusion device creates millions of microscopic channels on the top most layers of the stratum corneum thereby delivering nutrients efficiently into the skin without any pain or discomfort. Permeations created by this wand are so tiny, they can actually pierce skin cell walls without damage and create pathways for nutrients. Nano Infusion allows for up to 97% better product absorption.  ​ The Results: After this treatment your skin will be lightened, brightened, tightened, and plumped due to the hydration infusion, filling out lines, wrinkles, and scarring. Nano Infusion can also be used to stimulate eyebrow regrowth as the nutrients are retained from active ingredients. This is the perfect facial for those wanting to address fine lines and wrinkles, sun damage, scarring, and dry skin. Unlike micro-needling, this is a comfortable and relaxing treatment with no downtime!
Collagen Induction Therapy (Microneedling)
Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT), also known as Microneedling, is a minimally invasive skin-rejuvenation procedure that involves the use of a device that contains fine needles that vibrate up and down at specific depths to puncture the skin to create a controlled skin injury. Each puncture creates a channel that triggers the body to fill and repair these microscopic wounds by producing new collagen and elastin. Through the repair process, there is visible improvement in skin texture and firmness, as well as reduction in wrinkle depth, pore size, and scars. 
Back Facial
A rejuvenating and exfoliating treat for your back! We start with a thorough cleanse of the back, and include a full-back microdermabrasion treatment to remove dull, dead skin cells. Then, a gentle mint-papaya enzyme is applied to soften the skin. Extractions follow, and then 15 minutes of relaxing back massage using our custom CBD lotion and essential oils. Hot towel compresses are included throughout. Your back will feel its best!
Go & Glow Peel
To the point: We cleanse, peel, and protect.  This superficial-depth peel is perfect for those who are new to peels, and leaves the skin looking look refreshed and glowing, with minimal sunburn-like flaking. As treatments are repeated, the skin will experience a mild sloughing - revealing improved skin texture, softer skin, and renewed youthful brightness. Purchase of post-care is highly recommended.  ​*Maximum results are achieved with a treatment plan of every 2-3 weeks for 3 sessions. 
TIZO® Photoceutical Retinol Peel (with included post-care kit)
TIZO® Photoceutical Retinol Peel System is specifically designed to reduce the appearance of pigmentation changes while achieving a more even skin tone and texture. It addresses the visible signs of photo-aging and photodamage resulting from the harmful effects of pollution and ultraviolet exposure using effective ingredients with boosted penetration. The included Skin Recovery Kit ensures that your skin has the hydration, protection, and nutrients it needs for perfect peel results. 
30 minute Skin-Boost Facial
A stimulating treatment that will tantalize the senses for a quick 30 minute skin workout - skin will glow after this infusion of vitamins and vital nutrients. Includes cleansing, enzyme exfoliation, customized mask, serum, moisturizer, and SPF. No extractions.
Eyelashes Consultation
Confused about which eyelash service is right for you? A complimentary eyelash consultation with Brooke or Logan will assess your lashes and growth pattern to determine if you should start with Lash Boost serum to enhance growth, Eyelash Extensions, a Lash Lift and/or a Lash Tint.
Lash Extensions: Full Set
Free yourself from mascara! Imagine waking up and loving what you see in the mirror. You can hike, run, or just go to the grocery store and know that you look effortlessly fabulous—and never any smudged mascara to worry about! How Eyelash Extensions work: An individual soft synthetic lash is bonded with professional grade adhesive to your own natural lash, one single lash at a time. Eyelash extensions increase the length and width of the natural lash. The need for mascara and an eyelash curler is eliminated! No damage to natural lashes: Professional eyelash extension application is a safe process. As the natural lashes grow, so will the extensions. Natural lashes have a 60-90 day life cycle; as one falls out, another grows in its place. Therefore, you need regular fills every 2-3 weeks to keep your lashes looking full. ​Eyelash Extensions Pre-Appointment Prep: Arrive completely mascara and makeup free and with clean lashes. Residue on your lashes compromises the contact between extension and natural lash.
Lash Extensions: Partial Set
A great choice for those wishing to try out eyelash extensions before committing to a full set. Extensions applied to every other lash. Allow 75 minutes.
Lash Extensions: Full Set Returning Client
Returning Full Set available to clients who have had lashes from Reverie within the last 12 months.
Lash Fill
30 minute fill (quick touch-up) 45 minute fill (1-2 weeks) 60 minute fill (2-3 weeks) 75 minute fill (3-4 weeks) *More than 4 weeks, please book a returning full set.
Lash Extensions Removal
A lash-safe removal of Lash Extensions.
Lash Lift
Adds perfect curl to natural eyelashes creating a subtle, natural looking lift, giving the illusion of length, and making the eyes appear more open. Results last up to 8 weeks! This service is a great alternative to eyelash extensions. A relaxing touch of massage for scalp, neck, forearms, hands, and feet will melt tension while your Lash Lift processes. The Lash Lift WITHOUT a tint is perfect for those who have naturally dark lashes. The Lash Lift WITH a tint is recommended for those with light brown or blonde lashes. *Add a brow tint for just $10!
Brow / Lash Tinting
A personalized tint is applied to complement your complexion.
Ionic Detox Foot Bath
Enjoy a 30 minute ionic detox foot bath to cleanse and detoxify your body from the inside out. These popular treatments have shown to detox the body on a cellular level and alkalize the body's pH. Feet feel invigorated, and due to the detoxifying effect, strains on the kidneys and liver are relieved, helping the body re-balance its energy fields allowing organs to function better. ​What can you expect from this treatment?: Healthy individuals can expect their feet and bodies to feel lighter and more energized, and experience a greater feeling of well being from each session. Some people with pain, edema, and deteriorating joints have reported symptomatic relief from the sessions. As a wellness routine, this treatment can be repeated in 30-minute increments, every other day - for 14 sessions with a 3 week break before starting the next sequence. But many people look forward to an Ionic Foot Soak every 2 weeks or once a month before / after their scheduled massage or facial.
PACKAGE: Reverie Daydream Package
A totally transcendent 2 hours & our most popular package. You'll be floating on cloud 9! Package Includes: ​60-minute Reverie Blend Massage & 60-minute Signature Reverie Facial 
PACKAGE: Skin Soother Massage & Facial
For those who crave a great massage with added skin-hydration and exfoliation benefits from face to feet! A perfect treatment combination during the dry winter months or after sun exposure. Package Includes: *75-minute Skin Soother Massage (includes a dry brushing to slough off dead skin, and the massage is done with the Reverie signature Shea Butter, Kukui Nut Oil, Coconut Oil and Neroli oil blend - very healing and hydrating!).  & 30-minute Skin Boost Facial 
PACKAGE: Total Wellbeing
A sampler of 3 of our most popular treatments! Package Includes: An Ionic Foot Bath, 30-minute Massage & 30-minute Skin-Boost Facial 
PACKAGE: Happy Feet
Our feet are our foundation and need TLC - this package is focused on lower legs and feet only. We begin by immersing your feet in an ionic detox foot soak to naturally flush out toxins in your body. Then, you'll recline on our warm massage table for a lower leg and foot scrub with steam towel compresses, followed by 30 minutes of aromatherapy foot massage. Your feet will feel like new!
PACKAGE: About Face
This package is all about glowing skin and beautiful lashes! Package Includes: A 30-minute Skin Boost Facial, Lash Lift with Tint - including relaxing massages for scalp, neck, arms, hands, and feet while your Lash Lift processes.

Our Staff

Brooke Claassen, Licensed Massage Therapist and Esthetician
Brooke is the owner of Reverie, and dual-licensed Massage Therapist and Esthetician. She looks forward to helping you look and feel like the best version of you! Brooke is an Oncology-Trained Esthetician and specializes in helping those who are undergoing cancer treatments or recovering from them.
Kathy Hickey, Licensed Massage Therapist
Kathy is a 2004 graduate of the Boulder College of Massage Therapy. She specializes in Ashiatsu Deep Barefoot Massage, and has a background providing massage in some of Colorado's best spas!
Logan Morris, Licensed Massage Therapist
We have one amazing Logan - she is a dual-licensed Massage Therapist and Licensed Cosmetologist. On Thursdays, she only does massage, hence listed as Licensed Massage Therapist as a separate entity. Simply click on "Book with Any Available" in the booking process to book with Brooke, Logan, or Kathy :-)
Logan Morris, Licensed Massage Therapist and Cosmetologist
Logan Morris is a dual-licensed Massage Therapist and Cosmetologist, specializing in soul-soothing massage therapy, facials, lash extensions, lash lifts, waxing, and tinting. You'll love her comforting touch and attention to detail!