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Welcome to Isha Esthetics and Wellness! We take so much pride in the fact that we offer a new AND holistic method of providing body contouring, detoxification, and beautification services in SLC, UT! Our goals are to ensure quality, empowerment and restoration of our guests after each session. Proud provider of SculptICE.
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Not sure exactly which experience is the right one for you? Need a little more information in regards to treatments offered here at Isha Esthetics? Just need a sounding board for where your wellness journey has you right now? Not to worry! It is my absolute pleasure to inform and guide you through the various offerings here at my spa. This 45 min session is just the ticket to brainstorm your mind and body wellness wants and needs.
Post-Op Lymphatic Drainage I Heal Better
NOTE: Service cannot be performed without a consultation! The first week it is suggested that sessions be daily or every other day, if possible. The second week, every other day, reducing in frequency after that. It is not possible to get too much MLD and the sessions can be scheduled at your convenience.
Teeth Brightening 10 min I 20 min
Find yourself with a brighter smile this year in only 20 minutes! Guaranteed a shade lighter, this organic system was created using a cooling LED whitening system that leaves little to none sensitivity and a whole lot of shine. 10 Min $25.00 I 20 Min $45.00
Maderoterapia I Facial Treatment
Smooth, tone, tighten, drain. This experience is perfect for anyone looking to slim down their facial structure or need relief from pesky sinus pressure. Maderoterapia, also known as "wood thereapy" is a specialized Latin American technique created gently sculpt the face and body without surgical needs.
Maderoterapia I Body Treatment
Otherwise known as "Wood Therapy" is growing hot trend that can sc-ulpt the body you've always wanted. A complimentary 15 minute sauna blanket OR infrared light therapy session is offered prior to the wood working techniques. Maderoterapia is a Latin American technique created to help contour and lift the body without invasive surgical procedures.
VacuSculpt™ I Vacuum Therapy Only
Did you know that you can achieve a plumper, smoother booty without going into surgery? With VacuSculpt™ you can smooth cellulite, tone your tooshie, build your muscles, lift your cheeks, and stimulate the collagen for an even and toned appearance. We recommend a minimum of 4 treatments for permanent results.
VacuSculpt™ I Enhanced Butt Lift Treatment
A client favorite! This natural approach to the "Brazilian Butt Lift" is a great way to sculpt, shape, and plump your peach. This treatment is coupled with our award winning SculptICE™ spot treatment, maderoterapia, and of course VacuSculpt™ treatment.
Glow and Go Facial I Refresh and Rejuvenate
​​Get in, get out, and get results!  A delightfully time conscious experience, that's great for anyone in need of a refreshing facial experience. This facial includes cleanse, exfoliate, mask, revive and head back to work in just a matter of unforgettable minutes. All facials are customized for all skin types and focus on getting you back "in the groove" during your work day. 
Completely Customized Facial I A Moment For You
This facial brings the "mind" back to "mindful wellness" by re-centering the woman (or man) who just needs a chance to STOP for a moment, refresh, and refocus. This experience includes a tension releasing arm and shoulder massage that will melt away the day.
Microdermabrasion I Buff and Fluff
Microdermabrasion is an amazing way to exfoliate dead skin cells, lighten acne scarring, stimulate collagen fibers for anti-aging concerns. This IS an aggressive treatment and not performed on clients who suffer with Rosacea, post/op facial surgery, immediately after injections, or have been on Acutane/Retin A for extended periods of time.
Ice Ice Facial I SculptICE Exclusive Facial
Chill for a moment under the relaxing energy of my room while I treat you to a new experience known as the "SculptICE" Ice Facial. A cold facial developed to retrain worn and strained fascia tissues and collagen fibers to constrict back to their origins as well as smooth uneven and stressed skin. A great summer treat for any beach bunny looking to escape the heat.
Experience Wellness Facial I The Ultimate Stop
​The most luxurious facial one could ever experience within Isha Esthetics! A relaxing sensory journey to help balance the mind and body leads into a therapeutic deep cleansing facial, topped off with a light rain drop massage. A healing experience and the ultimate gift of relaxation.
Extractions/Ingrown Removal
Feeling congested? Ingrowns painfully flaring up? Book this service for relief.
Rain Drop Therapy I Holistic Alignment
We release a lot of energy through our back, and in some cases, hold a lot as well. Sometimes you need an extra set of hands to help realign your senses and treat skin conditions that are otherwise difficult to reach. A nice spin on a "back massage", this is a great experience for anyone looking for a gift for that busy body in your life, or your own escape for a moment.
Detox Sauna Blanket 30 mins - 60 mins
There are numerous health benefits to a infrared sauna blanket including, weight-loss, muscle tension relief, detoxification, increased metabolism, and a stronger immune system. The controlled, timed heat, will cause the body to sweat and release toxins.
Slimming Contour Wrap
​Healthy and permanent inch loss and reduces the appearance of cellulite. This wrap guarantees 4-14 inches of loss within the hour of the wrap. Using a natural, invigorating cream created this contour wrap is the best for toned skin and faster, longer-lasting inch-loss results. It stimulates circulation to your cellulite-prone areas, helping you lose those last stubborn inches and rid the body of beauty-robbing toxins. 
CaviLipo Treatment - 2 Areas
CaviLipo is a body contouring treatment transmits ultrasonic waves into the fat layer of the skin, stimulating lipolysis of fat cells. These fats are then removed from the body naturally through waste management. Removing these fats in the body results in inches loss at the treated area. Recommended sessions for results are 8-12 sessions and twice a week with proper diet and exercise for optimal results.
CaviLipo Treatment - 1 Area
CaviLipo is a body contouring treatment transmits ultrasonic waves into the fat layer of the skin, stimulating lipolysis of fat cells. These fats are then removed from the body naturally through waste management. Removing these fats in the body results in inches loss at the treated area. Recommended sessions for results are 8-12 sessions and twice a week with proper diet and exercise for optimal results.
SculptICE Holistic Lipo I Whole Body
This frozen lotion made of calming, firming herbs, & essential oils will contour and shape your body in an non-invasive away with lipo-like results! Activating your natural thermogenesis to burn and break down fat, this is an amazing way to also tone and firm skin after excessive weight loss has occurred. Ice therapy happens after a 15-30 min pre-treatment session using our LED laser for ultimate results. Wood thereapy can also be added to the treatment per client wishes.
SculptICE Holistic Lipo I Spot Treatment
Focusing on one area using the amazing Sculptice technique and product, that will bring about lipo-like results! Your choice of pre/post treatment add-ons include Wood therapy, Pre-Ice Belting, LED Thereapy, or body wrap.
Total Body Sculpt I "The Works"
This bundled treatment is an excellent jump start to any summer slay, bridal body, or even a restart that you just feel like you've been missing in your life! This is a treatment that does just a "little bit of everything" which includes CaviLipo, VacuSculpt, Detox Sauna, and of course SculptICE.
Classic Lashes
Simply natural, this classic set of lashes is a great way to ensure you have get up and go in the morning, while still looking ready for your day. Lash sets can take up to 2.5 hours depending on volume desire and amount of lashes per eye.
Classic Lash Fill
Lash fills are recommended every 2 to 3 weeks. Once you go past your three week mark, then you will need a full set again. Your lash artist may also charge more depending on the amount of lashes left between your feel sections.
Lash Removal
A simple yet effect removal of lash extensions. This also includes a complimentary lash bath after to give your lashes a breath of fresh air. Keep in mind, if lashes are being moved due to an allergic reaction some irritation can occur.
Pumpkin Spice Facial I The "Officially Autumn" Facial
A delicious anti-aging facial treatment that will leave your skin feeling soft, hydrated and youthful! An amazing exfoliate for summer worn skin as it transitions into the harvest months of the year. Some light peeling may occur.
Abhyanga Sauna I Smooth Skin Body Treatment
Abhyanga ("oil massage") is a form of Ayurvedic medicine that involves massage of the body with dosha-specific warm herb infused oils. You will be able to pick from 4 different oils: Rosemary, Lavender, Frankincense, and Coffee.
Mind Body Shine I Body Balance Treatment
Exfoliate dry skin, stimulate your lymphatic system, and smooth away the stress of the everyday world with this rejuvenating yet effective body treatment. It begins with a dry brush (which you get to take with you!), then you are painted with soothing body oil specially created to enhance the wellness benefits that the infrared sauna will present. Think of it as a massage, but, better!
Oxygen Bright Facial I The "Hot Chocolate Facial"
This facial has anti-ageing properties that you just don't want to sleep on! It promotes a healthy glow to your face, helps soften blemishes, boosts the production of collagen, softens and hydrates your skin so that wrinkles are kept at bay. Plus, it smells like heaven. What's not to want?!

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