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Our Services

Hybrid Fill -3 week
Hybrid full set
A customizable mix of classic & volume lashes.
Keratin Lash Lift +Tint
Enhance your own natural lashes with our one shot lash lift system. No maintenance, lasts 5 to 8 weeks.
Henna session
1 hand at $55 2 hands at $95 1 foot at $55 2 feet at $95 Fingers to Forearm- $75 Fingers to Elbow- $85 Fingers to Shoulder- $125 Thigh/ Body piece starting at $85
Henna & Glitter Party
Traditional Henna & Glitter (Reddish brown tone)
Jagua Glam Party
100% organic Genipa fruit extract, staining the skin an indigo-black color. Lasts 2-3 weeks depending on aftercare. Jagua & Glitter - recommended for adults 18+ 2hr minimum
Lash Removal
Removal of remaining lash extensions to start a new set or to remove previous artists work.
Lash aftercare Kit
Kit includes: 1- Lash cleansing foam 1- Cleansing brush 1- Mascara wand 1- Mascara wand holder 1- Aftercare instructions
Classic Full Set
One false lash is placed onto one natural lash at a time, using premium brand mink with xtreme wrap-around effect for fuller, thicker lashline giving you that sultry eyeliner effect.
Classic Fill- 2 week
Premium brand mink Xtreme classic fill.
Volume Set
Customizable Full Volume Set, numerous Lashes applied to clients strong, healthy lash to provide that dramatic voluminous look!
Volume Fill- 2 week
Lashes are filled in with numerous lashes applied to one strong, healthy lash.
Classic Fill- 3 week
Volume Fill-3 week
LED Teeth Whitening 60 min
Organic Spray Tan Full Body
Organic Rapid Tan Full Body
Solution washes off in 1-3 hours depending on desired tan strength. (Most popular option)
Teeth whitening training course
Teeth whitening training course- small group
Tooth Gems
One individual Swarovski crystal gem placed on tooth surface with high quality dental bonding agent. Can last 6 months- 2 years
Lash Lift & Tint Course
1 on 1 Training on Lash Lift & Tint application
Child Henna (under 12)
Traditional henna only- Lavender paste for sensitive skin
Bridal Henna Feet (Traditional)
Bride: Both Ankles to feet
Hybrid Fill -2 week
Lash Extension Training Course incl. Furniture
7 hr course + Lash Bed, Stool & Lighting. Full start up kit-10 clients Includes Model
Microshaded Brows Incl. Touch-Up
Touch up included when booked between 6-8 weeks after initial procedure.
Semi-Permanent Brow Consult
30- minute session in-suite to go over any questions regarding procedure, preparation and after care. Please note: Brow Mapping will NOT be done at this time, patch test may be done for sensitive skin types. $50 consult fee will be applied towards balance of procedure.
Henna Party Travel Fee
More than 10 miles from suite location
Saline Removal- 3 Session Package

Our Staff

Christie Bolanos