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Our Services

Combo Brow Including Touch-up
A blend of Microblading & Microshading. You get the best of both techniques. Hair strokes are added to the front of the brow and the shading technique is used to darken the tail of the brow.
Brow Henna & Shaping
Henna Brows is a great treatment for clients who have minimal or full brows but would love to have them evened, darken, shaped. Brow henna strengthens hair, restore hair growth and natural shape of the brows. Price Includes: - Brow shampoo - Shape mapping - Tinting using Elleebana tinting products - Threading and shaping eyebrows - Optionally, concealing redness Time frame: 30 - 40 minutes How long does it last? Up to 14 days on the skin, and up to 4-6 weeks on hair. Results may vary. Service is $75.00. Deposit of $30 plus tax is required when booking.
Combo Brow Touch-up
Touch up ensures long lasting results after initial healing.
Combo Brow NOT including Touch-Up
Ombre/ Powder Brows Incl. Touch-Up
Touch up included when booked between 6-12 weeks after initial procedure.
Ombre' Powder Brows Touch-Up
Touch up ensures the right color, shade, and shape stays for long and provides you with eyebrows that demand comparatively less aftercare needs.
Ombre/ Powder Brow NOT Including Touch-up
Lip Blush: Semi-Permanent
Lip Blush Tattoo creates a soft tinted lip lasting 3-5 years! Touch-up NOT inlcuded
Lip Blush: Touch-up
6-12 weeks after inital Lip Blush session for a more saturated color.
Brow Corrections
Correction of previously tattooed brows performed by another artist within 6 months. I’m to correct color and shape. Consultation is required prior to service.
Semi-Permanent Brow Consult
30- minute session in-suite to go over any questions regarding procedure, preparation and after care. Please note: Brow Mapping will NOT be done at this time, patch test may be done for sensitive skin types. $50 consult fee will be deducted from appointment when booked.
Saline Removal- 3 Session Package
Saline Tattoo Removal to lighten up previous faded permanent make up and small tattoos. 3 session package for best results.
LED Teeth Whitening 60 min
All Natural, Vegan Teeth Whitening System. Brightens teeth 8-15 shades lighter.
Tooth Gem
Keratin Lash Lift +Tint
Enhance your own natural lashes with our one shot lash lift system. No maintenance, lasts 5 to 8 weeks.
Classic Full Set
One false lash is placed onto one natural lash at a time, using premium brand mink with xtreme wrap-around effect for fuller, thicker lashline giving you that sultry eyeliner effect.
Classic Fill- 2 week
Premium brand mink Xtreme classic fill.
Classic Fill- 3 week
Hybrid full set
A customizable mix of classic & volume lashes.
Hybrid Fill -2 week
Hybrid Fill -3 week
Volume Set
Customizable Full Volume Set, numerous Lashes applied to clients strong, healthy lash to provide that dramatic voluminous look!
Volume Fill- 2 week
Lashes are filled in with numerous lashes applied to one strong, healthy lash.
Volume Fill-3 week
Lash Removal
Removal of remaining lash extensions to start a new set or to remove previous artists work.
Lash aftercare Kit
Kit includes: 1- Lash cleansing foam 1- Cleansing brush 1- Mascara wand 1- Mascara wand holder 1- Aftercare instructions
Henna Session: Hand/Arm/Foot
1 hand at $55 2 hands at $95 1 foot at $55 2 feet at $95 Fingers to Forearm- $75 Fingers to Elbow- $85
Henna Body Piece: Thigh/Shoulder/Back/Bikini
Black Jagua Body Art design. Lasts 2-3 weeks.
Henna Belly Blessing
Pregnancy Henna Belly Design
Child Henna (under 12)
Traditional henna only- Lavender paste for sensitive skin.1
Henna Glam Party
Traditional Henna & Glitter (Reddish brown tone)
Jagua Glam Party
100% organic Genipa fruit extract, staining the skin an indigo-black color. Lasts 2-3 weeks depending on aftercare. Jagua & Glitter - recommended for adults 18+ 2hr minimum

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