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Virtual Acne Boot Camp

The Virtual Acne Bootcamp is a virtual program to help clear acne without harsh medications or treatments. Instead of in-person visits which can become costly in time and money, Razi Aesthetic’s Virtual Acne Bootcamp uses expert assessment of the reaction between the chemistry of ingredients and the anatomy of skin. Through an integrated approach of lifestyle, diet, and product use, the Virtual Acne Bootcamp helps clients reduce their acne by 50% in 12 weeks from the comfort of their home. The VAB is best for those who are committed to the process and understand that healing skin and clearing acne is not an overnight transformation. For those who are already noticing patterns between their hormones and their skin flareups, the VAB will help provide a deep understanding of this connection. It’s also best for those who are interested in avoiding the expensive and aggressive treatments needed to control severe acne and the after-effects of acne such as scarring. If the treatment room is the chemistry lab, the skin is the beaker where the chemicals are poured, watched, adjusted, tested. The VAB takes the treatment room out of the equation, but still enables the client to become an active part of the experiment and experience. They will learn how different ingredients react on their skin, and how diet and lifestyle also change the anatomy of the skin. With this knowledge, the client will be more equipped to make lifestyle, diet, and buying decisions that benefit not only their skin health but their emotional and mental health as well. VAB trains you to be an expert for your own acne. You will learn the triggers so you can avoid them or be prepared for flare ups. At the very minimum, you can minimize the stress because you’ll know what’s causing your breakouts.

$449 · 40 minutes

Virtual Melasma Boot Camp

Virtual Melasma treatment is a 2 month treatment program for those who have been suffering with extreme stubborn Melasma. This package includes one initial consultation held through zoom, two virtual peel sessions through zoom and all products and peels for two month supply are part of this package and will be shipped to you. Clients outside US will have to pay for shipping cost. Shipping is included for Clients located in US.

$1,000 · 1 hour

Virtual Consultation

This consultation is designed for clients who are unable to find the right products for their skin. The appointment includes an I depth skin analysis, current product analysis and life style analysis which will be discussed during the 1hr zoom call. After the appointment you will receive a customized routine and after 6 weeks we will do another follow up to measure the efficacy of your current routine. This follow up is also held on zoom and is part of this package. If you have Melasma or Acne please book for Acne boot camp or Melasma Boot camp.

$249 · 1 hour

Follow up

If you are an existing client and need an updated customized routine this appointment is for you. Only book if your initial consultation with us was within past 90 days. If you are past 90 days you would have to book for virtual consultation instead of follow up.

$129 · 30 minutes

Virtual Fire and Ice Peel

Fire and Ice peel is a well know multistep skincare treatment that involves the use of a rejuvenating mask that contains exfoliating ingredients to speed up cell turn over, unclog pores, resurface the skin, reduce acne inflammation and promote healthier skin, while the cooling ice pack contains Hyaluronic acid and other hydrating ingredients to reduce any inflammation, redness and dryness after the peel is performed. This peel is 100% doable over a zoom call with your aesthetician. It’s an easy at home treatment that can be done before any big event without the headache of any downtime. Shipping cost is included for US clients only.

$199 · 30 minutes


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