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Virtual Acne Boot Camp

Introducing the Virtual Acne Bootcamp (VAB), a comprehensive 5-month program designed to effectively clear acne without harsh medications or invasive treatments. Led by Razi Aesthetic, our virtual approach eliminates the need for costly and time-consuming in-person visits. Instead, we leverage expert assessment of ingredient chemistry and skin anatomy to develop personalized treatment plans. With a focus on lifestyle, diet, and product usage, the VAB empowers clients to reduce acne by up to 50% within 12 weeks, all from the comfort of home. Our program is ideal for individuals committed to a gradual transformation, understanding that acne healing is a journey, not an overnight fix. Perfect for those already recognizing hormonal patterns in their skin, the VAB provides deep insights into this connection. It's also suited for those seeking alternatives to expensive and aggressive treatments for severe acne and its aftermath, such as scarring. In the VAB, your skin becomes the laboratory, where ingredient reactions are observed, adjusted, and tested. By removing the treatment room from the equation, we enable clients to actively participate in the experiment and its outcomes. Participants gain valuable knowledge about ingredient effects on their skin, as well as how diet and lifestyle impact skin anatomy. This equips them to make informed decisions that promote not just skin health, but also emotional and mental well-being. Moreover, the VAB offers a holistic approach, including: - Six Zoom calls for personalized guidance and support - 24/7 text assistance for immediate concerns - Gut health analysis conducted by Dr. Danish Mirza - One round of specially curated products lasting 6-8 weeks By completing the VAB, you'll emerge as an expert in managing your own acne, identifying triggers, and minimizing stress associated with flare-ups. Join us on this transformative journey towards clearer, healthier skin and a renewed sense of confidence.

$850 · 1 hour

Virtual Melasma Boot Camp

Virtual Melasma treatment is a 2 month treatment program for those who have been suffering with extreme stubborn Melasma. This package includes one initial consultation held through zoom, two virtual peel sessions through zoom and all products and peels for two month supply are part of this package and will be shipped to you. Clients outside US will have to pay for shipping cost. Shipping is included for Clients located in US.

$1,000 · 1 hour

Virtual Consultation

This consultation is designed for clients who are unable to find the right products for their skin. The appointment includes an I depth skin analysis, current product analysis and life style analysis which will be discussed during the 1hr zoom call. After the appointment you will receive a customized routine and after 4 weeks we will do another follow up to measure the efficacy of your current routine. This follow up is also held on zoom and is part of this package. If you miss these follow ups and wish to make any changes to your routine after three months of your initial appointment, you will need to book for the paid follow up appointment. If you have Melasma or Acne please book for Acne boot camp or Melasma Boot camp.

$249 · 1 hour

Follow up

If you are an existing client and need an updated customized routine this appointment is for you. Only book if your initial consultation with us was within past 90 days. If you are past 90 days you would have to book for virtual consultation instead of follow up.

$129 · 30 minutes

1:1 Coaching Call for Aestheticians

A 1:1 coaching call for estheticians is a personalized session designed to support and guide estheticians in their professional growth and development. During this call, Advanced Aesthetician, Razia Mirza will individualized guidance, advice, and support tailored to the specific needs and goals of the esthetician. The coaching call typically involves the following elements: 1. Goal setting: Coach will work with the esthetician to identify their specific goals, whether it's improving specific skills, expanding their client base, enhancing their business strategies, or addressing any challenges they may be facing. 2. Assessment and feedback: Coach will assess the esthetician's current skills, knowledge, and practices. Your coach will provide constructive feedback on areas that can be improved and offer suggestions for enhancing their performance. 3. Skill development: Coach will provide guidance and resources to help the esthetician enhance their technical skills and stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and techniques. This may involve sharing educational materials, recommending training programs, or demonstrating specific procedures. 4. Business and marketing strategies: The coach will assist the esthetician in developing effective business and marketing strategies to attract and retain clients. They may offer advice on branding, pricing, client communication, and effective marketing channels. 5. Problem-solving and support: The coaching call provides a platform for the esthetician to discuss any challenges or obstacles they are facing in their professional journey. The coach will help the esthetician analyze the situation, explore different solutions, and provide support to overcome those challenges. 6. Accountability and action planning: The coach will help the esthetician create an action plan with specific steps to achieve their goals. They will establish accountability measures and provide ongoing support to ensure progress is made. Overall, a 1:1 coaching call for estheticians is a valuable opportunity to receive personalized guidance, support, and mentorship from an experienced professional. It can help estheticians enhance their skills, overcome obstacles, and achieve greater success in their esthetics career.

$200 · 1 hour

Green Peel

Experience the transformative power of Green Peel, a renowned facial treatment that has revolutionized the world of skincare. Developed by Dr. Schrammek, a pioneer in dermatology, this exceptional herbal-based peel offers a holistic approach to rejuvenating and revitalizing your skin. Natural Ingredients, Visible Results. Green Peel harnesses the potency of pure, botanical extracts, carefully selected for their nourishing and regenerative properties. These gentle yet effective plant-based ingredients work in harmony with your skin to address various concerns, such as acne, uneven texture, hyperpigmentation, and signs of aging.

$135 · 1 hour


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