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Wellness Consultation and Support

One on one phone and video health support to build on the foundation of your own health. The system of Ayurveda is NATURE based healing modality. It is not separate from any other culture, or language. It is inherently the empowerment of Nature as a guide to understanding our relationship within ourselves, with others, our environments, the changing seasons, and also with our food and plants. Nature is filled with natural rhythms that harmonize. We are no exception, our whole physiology is made of the rhythms; of our digestive, circadian, metabolic, hormonal... when we harmonize with ourselves we are harmonizing with our unique nature. Finding balance, peace, vitality, and joy. I am offering free 30 min check-ins, as well as more extensive consultations for anyone who wants to start building their health foundations over the phone or on video. We will go over your digestion, elimination, metabolism, and emotional and mental health. Recommendations and support are personalized based on your constitution as well as overall health.

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Chiropractic has a long history in many cultures. When the skeletal system and nervous system is not in alignment, this can affect our stability and function. After an intial consultation, adjustments help to guide the body back into alignment, increasing joint mobility and nerve flow to increase overall health and function.

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Cecilia Fernandez

Dr Evan Chin