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Pretty straight forward; a haircut service includes a shampoo and blow dry style. There are many variations of haircutting techniques and yes, we can do a dry cut, use a razor, or keep it blunt as possible. Please let me know if you have extra thick hair (lucky) or you are wanting to make a big change. These types of things might take a little longer than usual.

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Complementary Services

Consultation Book a 30 minute complementary consultation to discuss hair goals and the process to achieve those goals. I prefer to have consultations face to face but I understand that sometimes thats not possible and am open to face time, phone, or email consultations to get the ball rolling! ​Wedding Consultation Book a 30 minute complementary Wedding Consultation to discuss wedding hair styles, costs, secure dates, and plan the process. I look forward to being a part of your big day! Bang Trim Fringe is the picture frame to our face and I've been just as annoyed as you getting stabbed in the eyes with bangs that are too long. Book a complementery 30 minutes to trim your fringe.

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Foil Highlights/Lowlights

Face Frame Foil This is a maximum of 6-10 foil highlights placed around hairline. It's the perfect service for gray blending in the hairline and a quick pick me up in between partial or full foil services. A glaze(tone) is included with the service to ensure desired tones and shine! Partial Foil A partial foil is half a head of foil highlights/lowlights. Creative colors and placement can be done with this to add a more customized look. Full Foil A foil foil is a full head of highlight/lowlights processed in foil. There are many fun ways to incorporate multiple tones within an all over mane of dimension. Glaze and blow dry style is included in the time and price.

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Face Frame Balayage Have you ever stared at a child's hair and wondered how they got such beautiful natural highlights? Balayage highlights framing the face, give the perfect frame and youthful glow. Partial Balayage Sun kissed hair is dreamy. Play with freehand placement unique to your haircut and style. Partially lighten your locks, leaving some of your natural color for depth and drama. Full Balayage Looking to be brighter all over? Go with a full head of hand painted highlights.

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Single Process +

Single Process + These services are involving a Single Process plus a highlight/lowlight or balayage. To learn more about each individual service, plus refer back to the dropdown information on "Foil highlight/lowlights" and "Balayage". All Single Process + services include a glaze and blow dry style.

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Wedding Hair

Wedding Hairstyles Having an organized hair plan is important for keeping your big day a little less stressful. I like to have a plan for you and your favorite humans to have beautiful hair for your wedding. I require a complementary wedding consultation to plan a trial appointment, learn about your wedding party, discuss pricing, and secure your dates.

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Extensions are a fun way to add length, volume, and thickness. The best part is that you have the option to play with color without changing or damaging your hair. Book a complementary consultation to discuss the process, pricing, and care of your new obsession.

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Double Process

Double Process Retouch To have the ideal Double Process blonde, vivid, or fantasy colors it is critical to have a retouch no later than every 4 weeks. This ensures consistency and reduces chances of banding and unwanted warmth. A Glaze is included with this service to achieve the desired tone and shine. Double Process All Over A Double Process All Over is when your hair has to be lightened more than a retouch service could provide. With this service you can achieve platinum blondes, pastels, and vivid colors.

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Texture & Treatments

Are you looking for a way to tame frizzy hair? A keratin smoothing treatment could be just what you need. Cezanne’s Keratin Smoothing Treatment smoothes all hair types, including straight, wavy, textured, and curly hair. Unlike hair straightening treatments, our formaldehyde-free hair smoothing treatments tame frizz while giving you styling options.To learn more about keratin treatments visit

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Single Process

Glaze Aka “toner”, demi-permanent hair color, improves hair structure up to 35%, leaves behind lots of shine, transparent coverage & subtle gray blending. Lasts 6-8 weeks before fading completely out. This service is perfect if you are just wanting to alter your color with no damage or refresh the tone of your previous hair color. Single Process Retouch No one likes having roots on a grown out single process. A Single Process Retouch is painting the hair that has grown out since a previous permanent, demi, or semi permanent color. Single Process All Over A Single Process is applied all over from root to end. A Single Process Retouch + Glaze (to refresh highlights/balayage, faded color) would also fall into this category. This is usually one color applied for an all over look. However, there are really fun ways to get creative with a Single Process application by adding other colors for a multi dimensional effect.

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Shampoo Blow-Dry Theres just something wonderful about having someone else wash your hair. Receive a shampoo, conditioner with scalp massage, and a blowdried style. Updo Fancy hair can be stressful to try to style on your own. Special occasion hair styling is exciting because its outside of the daily normal look your friends and family are use to seeing you in. I love being a part of these moments and one of the reasons you look so beautiful in all the event photos! A complementary consultation is required to determine how complex your desired style is and how much time we need to schedule to complete the look.

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