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Our Services

Free 10-minute phone consult for potential clients REQUIRED before scheduling
Chat whether homeopathy is likely to help your condition and whether I'm likely to be a good fit for you.
Initial Consultation AFTER uploading intake form
Upload the adult intake form at www.lydiancenter.com/forms/index.php, by 2 days before your appointment thanks. This enables Begabati to research your condition, narrow down the choice of remedies, and be more focused in your interview.
Initial childs appt AFTER uploading intake form
For parent(s) WITHOUT your child - 2 bus. days before, upload child or infant intake form at www.lydiancenter.com/forms/index.php, thanks.
Initial consult with your child in person AFTER parent interview
$295 covers both parts of the initial consult. Allow time inbetween (preferably a day) for Begabati to research remedies.
45 minute standard followup
30 to 45 minutes to discuss your remedy reactions and tweak your protocol for the future - plus answer health questions. If it takes less than 20 minutes the fee will be reduced accordingly.
Quick question, 5 to 15 minutes, existing clients
Guidance in using homeopathy for self-care
(Or the first followup for existing clients). For anyone not just clients - coaching in how to find a homeopathic remedy for yourself or family member. Supporting you with good resources and "how to think like a homeopath". Plan to provide a Mastercard or Visa at beginning of appointment.
First followup
for chronic conditions if first remedy is working well and no major changes are needed
Extended consult
45 to 60 minutes, longer consults prorated based on $150/hr.

Our Staff

Begabati Lennihan CCH