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Want to join a class, but not quite ready to pull the trigger? Give us a call with all your questions. The Ready,Set,Grow course is designed to walk you through growing and monetizing an online brand. Instructor, Ona Okoyé covers every strategy you need to know and gives you actionable steps and tools to turn passionate fans into repeat buyers. Whether you're a pro or a newbie, this plan will teach you how to take your brand from good to unforgettable! with time proven secrets, processes, weekly activity sheets, and take-home resources used to build multi-billion dollar businesses. This course currently runs as a virtual/live one-on-one session

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Ona Okoyé

Ona Okoyé is the founder of Kindrid, a Social Media Marketing agency based in Los Angeles, California. For the past decade, Ona has been committed to delivering excellence in the Marketing field across multiple industries. She has supported the business growth for brands including Toyota, Nike, Guitar Center, Scion, and more, and is dedicated to helping businesses leverage the power of community on social media to connect and inspire their audience to action. In addition, Ona leads the popular social media workshop, Ready, Set, Grow! where individuals can get hands on social media training and one-on-one mentorship on online brand management.