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Our Services

Personal consultation
An personal one-on-one session to determine the best option for your unique skin. Let me show your your design options and customize an exceptional detailing touch specifically for you.
Powder brows
Need a permanent brow improvement with the emphasis on looking natural? Misty powder filled brows have eyebrows tails that are darker and fade into light start, giving perfect ombre makeup affect.
Customizing the perfect brows is a highly meticulous service with every stroke individually designed and gently etched into the skin, giving your eyebrows and incredibly natural and realistic look.
Touch up (brows)
After the healing process (4-6 weeks) a follow up session is required to refine and refill certain areas. Pigment color may need to be adjusted, brow thickness and more strokes can be added.
Second touch up
This appointment is for additional correction done within 6 weeks after your initial touch up. Designed for small corrections.
Annual touch up (6-12 months after the initial procedure)
Lip blush
**ALL POTENTIAL LIP BLUSH CLIENTS MUST SEND A CLEAR PICTURE OF THEIR BARE LIPS BEFORE PROCEEDING WITH BOOKING! NOT EVERYONE CAN GET LIP BLUSH** 1.Send picture(s) to eyebrowgirlstudio@gmail.com (include First and Last Name and desired appointment date and time) 2. Once appointment is approved by Holly, you can book your appt. LIPS MUST BE VIRGIN LIPS, NO PREVIOUS PMU MAKEUP
Lip blush touch up
4-6 weeks after initial procedure
Touch up after 6 weeks (lips, brows)
Your first touch up after initial procedure if it’s more than 6 weeks

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