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Vows, Signatures Up to 10 guest Couples responsibility to secure venue cost if applicable.

Please call for price · 30 minutes

Elite Elopement/Civil Ceremony

Vow Preparation, Rehearsal, Ceremony, Signatures

Please Call for Pricing · 1 hour

Affidavits and Acknowledgements

Notarization of a written statement confirmed by oath/affirmation made before an authorized official. To be signed in front of the notary. Notarization of written statement freely signed.

Please call for Pricing · 20 minutes

Verification Forms

I9 Verification- Completion of forms requiring proof of identity and eligibility to work in the United States. Duke Energy Identity Verification - Verification form used to establish Identy for service.

Starting at $10 · 30 minutes

Power of Attorney

Notarization of Non-Durable, Durable, Special/Limited, and Medical Power of Attorney

Please call for Pricing · 30 minutes

Loan and Mortgage Documents

Oversee Loan/Mortgage Documents. Oversee out of state document oversights.

150.00 · 1 hour


Ruby Mackey