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Sewer Inspection

This service is to inspect the main sewer line. I will provide you the results in person and on a detailed report. You always get a copy of the video. Standard Report - The most popular service we offer. Your standard online report & video is texted to you the next day by 9 am. Pass or Fail Report - This analysis is very strict and any problems no matter how small are indicated on the report in great detail. Pricing for all fixes will be on the report for negotiation. Email Report - Same as the standard report except it's delivered to your email and not text message.

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Main Line Rooter

This service is to remove roots or a clog from a mainline sewer line. This is the sewer line between your house and the street/alley. Every mainline rooter is checked with video to verify. If your sewer line is over 100 ft long you must book the "Over 100 ft Mainline Rooter" Service. 140 ft max distance.

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Any Clog

Sink | Bathtub | Shower | Floor Drain | Laundry | Additional drains $30 - $50

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Main Line Rooter + Sewer Inspection

Service is for clearing/attempting to clear roots/clogs in the main sewer line between the home and the street and then verifying/diagnosing the roots/clogs are clear with a sewer camera video. Then this video is uploaded to a report online at and sent to you, this report stays online for your convenience. If your sewer line is over 100 ft long you must book the "Over 100 ft Mainline Rooter + Camera" Service.

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Owner - Operator

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