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Luxurious skin care, facials, and waxing services, specializing in the TrueBrow method of brow restoration and shaping.
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Our Services

TrueBrow™ Brow Discovery Session & TrueBrow™ Brow Design
During your complimentary TrueBrow™ Brow Discovery Session, your brow specialist will have assessed your brows and booked you in for your TrueBrow™ Design. If your brows are being restored it is during this appointment the foundation for the future of your brow potential will begin. With meticulous care and vision your brow specialist will transform your brows. During your TrueBrow™ Design there may be, depending on your brow needs a new and clear direction implemented, this can take time and precision. During your TrueBrow™ Design, even the most compromised brows will experience a new level of beauty.
TrueBrow™ Maintenance
Following your TrueBrow™ Design the progress of your restoration/design will be reassessed in a biweekly appointment; this is your TrueBrow™ Maintenance. This is not a re-design appointment but rather where your design or restoration will be maintained. For advanced restoration brow work, your TrueBrow™ Specialist will advise you on what timeframe is required. A TrueBrow™ Maintenance is a biweekly appointment and it's main purpose is to offer you the most beautiful brows every day of the year. Don't let messy, unkempt brows compromise your confidence.
Package of Six TrueBrow™ Maintenance Appointments #1 out of 6
A more than 30% discount of the 2 Week TrueBrow™ Maintenance when you purchase six. Please refer to the 2 Week TrueBrow™ Maintenance for a description. No appointment time is booked with this purchase. To book an appointment after purchase, use the 2 Week TrueBrow™ Maintenance button.
Brow Maintenance #2 out of 6
See Brow Maintenance
Brow Maintenance #3 out of 6
See Brow Maintenance
Brow Maintenance #4 out of 6
See Brow Maintenance
Brow Maintenance #5 out of 6
See Brow Maintenance
Brow Maintenance #6 Final Service
See Brow Maintenance
Lash Perm
Eyelashes have a natural curl permed into them and then tinted a nice black.
Add-On Lash Perm
A Lash Perm added on to an Initial Brow Design or Brow Maintenance appointment.
Men's Brow Wax
Men's brows are groomed. Nose wax included with this service.
Teen Brow Wax
Available to 18 years of age. Extended to college students. Parental consent required under 18 years of age. Age appropriate brow shaping.
Brow Tint
Brows are tinted to enhance their beautiful color.
Nose Wax
Nose hairs removed using hard wax
Lip Wax
Hairs on upper lip are removed using soft or hard wax.
Chin Wax
Chin hairs are removed using hard or soft wax.
Full Face Wax
Includes brow clean up (not full design), nose, lip, chin, and any additional hair on face.
Bikini Wax
Bikini area is waxed and manicured.
3 Bikini Wax Pkg
Highly discounted package of three bikini waxes.
Brazilian Bikini Wax
All hair is removed from bikini area and vagina.
4 Brazilian Bikini Wax Pkg #1 out of 4
Buy 2, get 2 free! Limited time offer.
Brazilian Bikini Wax #2
#2 out of a package
Brazilian Binkini Wax #3
#3 out of a package
Brazilian Bikini Wax #4
Final wax out of a package
A facial like treatment around the bikini area to treat and prevent ingrown hairs.
Half Leg Wax
Hair removed from bottom half of leg using soft wax.
Full Leg Wax
Hair removed from entire leg using soft wax.
Underarm Wax
Hair removed from underarms using hard or soft wax.
Back Wax
Specifically for males. Removes hair from back using soft wax.

Our Staff

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